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    Do XenForo have a REST API for other systems to integrate with?

    I'm primarily thinking about Resources. Lookup, searching, simple queries. Do XenForo have this? Or will it be possible to make an addon that can do this?
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    Implemented Full native RESTful API built into XenForo

    Pretty self explanatory and would do wonders for development work. I know there is an addon in the resources area however: A) It's not been updated in ages B) It's a no brainer that this should be built into the core. An API would allow: - Very easy integration into 3rd party software -...
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    Unmaintained XenAPI - XenForo PHP REST API 1.4.2

    Information This Open Source REST API allows usage of several of XenForo's functions, such as authentication, user information and many other functions! Actions Each action requires a hash to perform the action, either an API key or an user hash (username:hash). The user hash can be grabbed by...
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