Forum spam, nothing working.


Right now my forum uses about three different anti-spam plugins such as StopForumSpam+API, the XenUtiles built-in one, and utilizes recaptcha and questions. About two weeks ago the spam bots started happening again, and nothing is stopping them from registering. I have no clue what to do, and deleting 30 spam posts a day does get quite annoying. If anyone has any recommendations on how to lessen or stop these, please post.
I would check your settings in XenUtiles. This should not be happening. I get hundreds of failed attempts a day. Not more than one ever couple of days gets through. Do you have a Honeypot add-on installed? I've heard they are very effective, but have as of yet not needed one as XenUtiles is just that good!
I tweaked my Q/A questions about a week ago. Haven't had any spammers get past them since.

I also run XenUtiles. It was catching all of them before that, but I figured I should probably be a little more proactive.
If you use the Q&A captcha, it all depends on how you word your question. If Wolfram Alpha can find the answer, then the chances are that bots will be able to answer it, as, to the best of my knowledge, most bots check with Wolfram when they attempt to register.
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