Massive Increase In Forum Spam?


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Anyone else notice that lately there has been a massive increase in forum spammers?

I manage a forum for my work and on a daily basis around 2 to 4 spammers sign up and spam. The forum has StopSpamHere addon (with StopForumSpam, SpamBusted, FSpamList and BotScout databases) and still the spammers are getting through.

I'm pretty sure its an overseas call centre style operation (people sitting at computers, registering and spamming) because i haven't been able to find any information in the news about Google Recaptcha being cracked.


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Look for an alternative CAPTCHA program. I'm currently using Solve Media.

THOUSANDS have tried getting through to no avail. :D


I still get at least one or two spammers per day or week depending on how persistent the spammer is.
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Look for an alternative CAPTCHA program. I'm currently using Solve Media.
Loving their technical explanation :D
Metapolar Refractive Pixelation
Cholmondeley's research determined that most CAPTCHAs can be easily marzelised using a cardinal grammeter to introduce capacitive duractance into the spurving pixels.

We use advanced synchronised cryptosphoric algorithms with unilateral phase depleneration. This irreversibly famulates the sub-pixel layer of the images so that they cannot be marzelised or reverse encabulated by spammers.

I presume they're using a turbo-encabulator!


I have not noticed much more than normal but for some reason it does look like the StopSpamHere has not been as effective as it normally was. I am also using this one that seems to have stopped anything that is getting through the StopSpamHere

Ban by Hostname


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I use a tried and true method of image questions and I don't write a question in the question field. I put the question in the graphic to help keep the spambots from being able to guess the answer based on keywords in the questions, i.e., on or off, yes or no, number of, etc.

The font is one I found that is designed to defeat OCR (Optical Character Recognition) This approach has proven very, very effective.



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I just using my own Q&A.

And because my site is an animanga-game oriented, so I change my question regularly based on this season anime. :D


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I'm using Q&A in non-English language, so it's basically impossible to get through automatically. I also had 100% success with KEyCaptcha