Fixed Stop Forum Spam not working


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I've turned on the stop forum spam settings as in the picture:


but I've noticed that it dosn't seem to be working. I've had users register that when I've checked the IP manually on stop forum spam they are listed more than the settings above which should have triggered for them to be admin approved.

I've also spam cleaned a member and the details have not been submitted to Stop Forum Spam.


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Perhaps the values in the SFS database were only updated after they registered.

When submitting data to SFS, it's up to them to update it in a timely manner.
Are you sure the data hasn't been received by them?


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@Mike Theres something still wrong here.

I've got my settings as follows:



But I'm still getting members showing up for manual approval.

Also, I'm having members showing up for approval when they are not listed on stop forum spam at all. The last one I had I've checked the IP, Email and username and they don't show up at on the SFS database.


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@Mike, also to note, I've got "Moderate registrations when this many warning flags are detected" unticked along with "Check DNSBL on registration" unticked. So I shouldn't be getting any members to approve. It should be a simple they are blocked/not blocked. But they still keep appearing in the queue.