XF 1.2 Forum Permissions set wrong after test import


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I did my first vb3.8 test import to a separate domain (test.domainname.net) and imported a copy of today's database to a separate "vb import" database. The XF importer, which imported the data into a "xf test" database, appears to have run without any issues.

However, I noticed that I couldn't see my own private "moderator/admin" forum. I had to manually allow access for the administrator group. Also I think I did the permissions test on a user that can't see our off-topic forum on the production vb site, but it appeared for him on the xf test site.

It also appears that my moderator group's permissions are set to mostly "no".

Did I do something wrong?


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Some of the default permissions have (fairly) recently been tweaked to more accurately represent XenForo's approach - as such, the moderator and administrator groups don't have most things set. The XenForo approach puts everyone in the Registered group.

However, when importing, your exact usergroup setup is maintained, so you may have users that aren't in the registered group for example.

You'll need to either change those users or change the permissions. Permission importing is never perfect as all systems use different setups, so you'll always need to verify that things are set as you wish.


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Thanks for the feedback. On my next import test I'll spend some time developing a plan on permission modifications.