XF 2.2 Problem with saving skeleton database and restoring after test import


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  1. fresh install of Xenforo
  2. do basic setup
  3. add custom styles
  4. install addons
  5. go to phpMyadmin
  6. EXPORT the database and save to local hard drive
  7. now perform a test import from old vB4 database to make sure everything imports as required
Up to this point, everything looks good. Now I want to clear the imported data to perform the final import:
  1. go to phpMyAdmin
  2. DROP all tables
  3. initiate an IMPORT from the database skeleton saved above
  4. IMPORT fails with a vague SQL error: "phpMyAdmin - Error Incorrect format parameter"
  5. now the only option seems to be to repeat the fresh installation and all the steps itemized in part 1 above.
What am I missing or doing wrong here? What I have been doing seems to comply with the instructions at https://xenforo.com/community/threads/importing-guidelines.25325/ and https://xenforo.com/docs/xf2/import-notes-vbulletin/ except it's not clear what should be done with the test import data before restoring/importing the skeleton database.

Should I be setting certain options when I EXPORT the sql file after basic setup and installing styles and addons?

Should I be specifying certain options when I try to IMPORT the skeleton database after the test import?
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