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Do you know the reason why the block Xenforo forums from the service? To many hits?
Another software at my to do install list. But like i read at your FAQ that should be no big thing to proper install it.
I don't know the reason, but I'd expect too many hits.

On recent Debian/Ubuntu it's literally apt install fonttools and you're done (unless running PHP-FPM with chroot which complicates things).

Nicolas FR

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This seems to be caused by a browser glitch (dimensions are not calculated correctly for embedded fonts as CSS property font-display: block is not set. This should not be necessary at all anyway as the font resource is ambeddded within the CSS and therefore no download happens, but ... Jesus knows why Chromium messes it up if this property is missing).

I'll release an updated version soon that should fix this.
Hello @Kirby some news about that ? Thank you.

Mr Lucky

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Is there a way to have duotone icons?

I am asking specifically because of this addon which uses one:

That would be more in the scope of whatever addon you are using that is making Font Awesome a non-standard system for XenForo. This addon isn't changing anything, it's simply using what is supposed to be there. So an addon that is removing what's supposed to be there would be a better place for some change to be be made to not use what's supposed to be there I would think. Can't realistically expect every addon out there to adhere to how some unrelated third-party addon works vs. how XenForo works by default. :)

I have edited the template modification to use a regular version of the icon, but that doesn't seem ideal.


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Enabling Duotone support for just one icon seems wasteful to me, especially if only privileged users can see it anyway:

Although, I'm not sure I'd consider duotone icons a massive overhead when it's only admins that can see and only if they specifically have the View statistics admin permission.

On a standard XenForo installation with FAM configured as recommended the FA CSS for actually used icons is about 14 KB uncompressed without Duotone vs. 24 KB with Duotone, at least I wouldn't call that insignificant if the vast majority of this additional CSS is never used at all - it still needs to be transferred and parsed.

General recommendation is to only have CSS that is actually used:

As the icon has been changed to standard this specific issue has already been fixed anyway, but I might turn the Duotone On/Off switch into a 3-way option to also allow fallback to selected weight if duotone icons are referenced.
This would slightly increase CSS (vs. Duotone disabled) but allow to use Add-ons that reference Duoton icons without any changes to CSS/LESS/HTML and without needing the additional duotone CSS for every used icon.


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XenForo and official Add-ons (as well as most 3rd party Add-ons) don't use Duotone icons, but the font resource and required CSS to use them is included with standard XenForo.

Chris D

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XF 2.1 was isn’t even supported by us and hasn’t been since XF 2.2 was released. Developers have no obligation to provide support for outdated and unsupported XenForo versions and we don’t particularly recommend that they do.


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XF 2.1 was isn’t even supported by us and hasn’t been since XF 2.2 was released. Developers have no obligation to provide support for outdated and unsupported XenForo versions and we don’t particularly recommend that they do.
That's crude, many people still using XF 2.1 even XF 2.0, they may can't upgrade for many reasons. Lots of good addons only support limited version like 2.0-2.1 but not 2.2 because they dropped, or the upgrade may cause lots of bugs and errors and they don't know how to handle it, once upgrade xf 2.2, lots of things to do, like upgrade php, nginx, mariadb, many outdated things but need to update to work with xf 2.2 but many people they don't really know technical things, code, etc...
Just saying...


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it is understandable that you are currently stuck on 2.1.x because of your own personal reasons. but if the software is no longer supported by the official developers, it's a good time to start working on an upgrade strategy or realize that you would have to stick to the functionality you have until you upgrade. it is always risky to stay on unsupported software because of potential undiscovered or unfixed security issues. having said that i still see a lot of vb3.x big boards who seem to be happy with what they have been running for more than a decade now. you just need to be extra careful ensuring that nothing breaks when you update your server software and are ready to manage the security of the platform yourself.

having such a powerful addon for free on supported software is pretty nice to be honest.


I always want a solution to a problem with the Font Awesome Subset Rebuild plugin

Every day dozens of alerts about server error log