XF 1.5 Email Confirmation refuses to send - Could not open socket


Having issues trying to get email confirmations to send. The Default email transport method gives no error message but users don't receive any email. Attemping to use an SMTP with Pepipost and I get this error:

"Zend_Mail_Protocol_Exception: Email to xx@yahoo.com failed: Could not open socket - library/Zend/Mail/Protocol/Abstract.php:277"

Working with the Pepipost support team, I have made sure that all ports are correct and that there is no reason anything should be blocked throughout the process. We've tested sending mail using PHPMailer and it worked completely fine, our only issue comes when Xenforo attempts to send an email.

If anyone has any suggestions it would really help right now!


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Can you provide the error back trace as well?

Generally though, this is a low level networking error. It's unfortunately not the most descriptive error, as it could indicate firewall, SSL, DNS or incorrect SMTP server settings (though given that you've checked with Pepipost, I assume that is correct).


Sorry for the late reply, we did manage to fix the issue.

Basically all we had to do was use the domain zpanel.pokepeaks.net when we were attempting to use the domain pokepeaks.net when trying to connect to Pepipost. Big props to Pepipost for staying on Livechat with me for hours to find the root issue!