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  1. Sushix

    XF 1.5 Email Confirmation refuses to send - Could not open socket

    Having issues trying to get email confirmations to send. The Default email transport method gives no error message but users don't receive any email. Attemping to use an SMTP with Pepipost and I get this error: "Zend_Mail_Protocol_Exception: Email to xx@yahoo.com failed: Could not open socket...
  2. ESP_Pricing_Comparison


  3. Sachin Tiwari

    Integrate Pepipost with XENFORO Community and start sending emails

    Now is the right time to start using Pepipost for sending your emails, here’s why: 1. Recently updated pricing plans that offer convenience and savings better than any in our industry. 2. We make it even better for you. Instead of returning email credits for all the emails opened, we...