DigitalPoint's Drag and Drop Threads Mod


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OK I want to understand.
I click on something and I get an overlay menu of forums so I can Drag a thread into one of those forums in the overlay?
(Not good with videos, too quick.)


Simple, simplistic, but smart code under the hood with some js magic to complete it.
Moderating tasks made easy again. But prone to mouse-drops (like via trackpads), so I am glad to see it has an 'undo' option.
Even though it's a cool feature, it's alot faster to select them from a checkbox and click a button IMO.

Especially if you get massive reports of threads/etc theres no way you can keep by selecting 1 by 1 all the time.


I see nowhere that Shawn is saying he made that plugin, or if it is just a prototype or mockup, or if that's a working first version. Maybe it's a none-functioning mockup video for his developer saying: look, this is basically what I want it to do. Maybe he's already gotten this in use on his test board and moved on to the next thing.

It's managerjosh just posting here going 'look, this is by digitalpoint'
For all we know josh made this video, using shawn's avatar and claims it's made by dp.

It all sounds unlikely to me, and I think knowing shawns working on xenforo plugins and can actually code, and knows what he wants .. I see no reason why someone would shout "fake" just because they didn't get the free .zip on a gold platter.