Duplicate Drag and drop image does not insert at correct position, shows at top of text

Mr Lucky

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Seems to be OK in Firefox, but an issue with safari.

Drag and drop an image from desktop to where the curse is positioned with a block of text.

BUT attached image is inserted at the top of the post.

NB: This seems to be not ther same as the bug here:


(1) it is fine when using the image icon at top of editor to insert, only happens with drag and drop and

(2) this is on desktop safari (14.1.2)
That also happens in Safari, albeit on iOS.

Essentially the same bug. Just add a post to the existing thread.
OK, I thoight it was a bit different as that one seems to be in raegard to the using the image icon, this is just with drag & drop but I can see the similarities obviously.
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