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Drag and drop images not working? Can only upload one picture at a time?


Active member
Two weird things are happening. When adding images to a thread I can't select multiple images at once, I can only select one at a time and then upload them individually (which is annoying).

In addition to that I seem to remember at some point I could drag and drop images to a file upload, but that seems to be missing or gone. Maybe I am imagining that, but I swear I used to be able to do that.

Any thoughts on this? I'm running the latest version of XenForo.


Active member
Do you have Flash enabled on your browser?
Crap... That was it. Flash player wasn't even installed, which is odd because I never uninstalled it. That explains why it suddenly stopped working.

Now I can select multiple files from the image upload again.

However, is there supposed to be a drag and drop image upload in XenForo or am I dreaming that?