Design Forums (makeover)


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Lovely - I got happily lost in all the white space.
It's much clearer what the site is about.
Your approach of making the site structure and design very subordinate to content is now clear and effective.


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curious what is your homepage made from ? I love the design but all the white does tend to hurt a tad after reading awhile.
Yes Xenporta. I don't know what you mean when you think it's too much white? It must be really painful for you to google? I have noticed that some windows users using older screens or too much light tend to make the white shine bright!:)

Robert F Schmitz

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Enjoyed the site. I agree that gradients in my opinion wouldn't work but I also agree with replies that the white is a bit over time. Have you considered something just off of white, maybe with a slight warmish tint? Not much but something to cut the brightness just a bit. For a design site, more white space fits.