Browser issue Delay while typing with Android


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Some users on my board are complaining about delay while they're trying to type.
Common devices are:

1. HTC One X, ROM Android Revolution HD 22 (4.1.1) - Browsers: Stock and Chrome - Delay while typing.

2. Samsung Galaxy S2 Android 4.0.3 (No custom ROM) - Browsers: Stock and Firefox - Delay while typing + a problem going down a line (doesn't respond).

Both devices were also checked on to confirm the problem.

Is there anything that can be done to solve it?

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The redactor editor is somewhat java script heavy, so I guess many older phones will encounter problems while using it. Why don't you suggest them to use the basic editor instead?


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I wouldn't say HTC ONE X is old phone, nor Galaxy S2.
I have a Galaxy Note 1 and some times when the phone is low on memory, the editor presents some problems too, including delay in typing and cursor jumping (i end up typing xenforo like "enforo x" because of this).

I'm not sure what is causing this problem but it should be related to my phone being low. That's why I suggested you to use the basic editor.


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This is generally just going to be a phone and/or Android issue. From my tests, Android wasn't even firing keyboard events when typing, so it's likely something more internal.


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I have customers complaining about same issue as well.

Tested on ancient iPod Touch that is slow enough to see bug. On modern phones lag is barely noticeable. For some reason lag varies depending on what style is being used. No add-ons, all extra JavaScript code has been removed, the only difference between styles is HTML, CSS and images. Weird bug.
The bug is marked as resolved, but the problem still exists.
It appears not only for Android, but for iOS (iPhone 4S) and even for a laptop on intel i5!
As I can see, it's a javascript listener (probably onkeyup) problem.
When I hold a key on this form, I see that the load of CPU goes up and even hear increasing cooler noise!
I think that it's not a browser issue, the bug should be reopened and fixed.