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DragonByte Tech updated [DBTech] DragonByte Shop with a new update entry:


Update highlights

This version contains a couple internal changes, but also fixes an issue that could occur while attempting to read a purchase's configuration.

Complete Change Log

Change: Update bundled Infinite Scroll library
Change: Add a missing property to type hinting
Fix: Fix server error when attempting to obtain purchase configuration

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Would it be possible to promote users to a special group after they purchase some credits? Maybe depending also on the amount of credits they purchased?
There has to be a better way to view the cart on mobile.

Right now it's hidden under the "categories" button.

Even changing the "categories" button to "view cart" would be a step. I did this via the phrase editor, but then it doesn't make sense for desktop as it says "view cart" and lists categories.

Can you make the phrase on mobile unique somehow?

On mobile, It took me a while to find that "cart" was hidden under "view categories". My users will give up. Can something be done?

Can you add links to "view cart" on the popup that asks if you want to add an item to your cart? It makes sense that if they do add something to their cart, they might want to view their cart immediately.