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[DBTech] DragonByte Credits [Paid] 5.0.3

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No, there is an event trigger for Donate add-on, but nothing related to Shop add-on.
The problem was a broken Credits <-> Shop integration. I've re-uploaded the files to your site and it's now working, any future transactions will now correctly create event triggers and events.

This is also the reason why the trade issue happened, so that's no longer an issue.

EDIT: Please do not disable the Adjust event for any of your currencies, as it's required for some parts of the mod to function, like the "Manage Users" part of the Credits mod.

I'm using UI.X theme and when going to the transactions list, the navbar disappears except for the subnav (same thing happens when I turn on the related shop addon).

Anyone else seeing this?


I just installed this on my test forum and playing around a bit with it to get comfortable with all the options.
I didn't see a manual for it on your site but found the one for vB4 and that helps a bit.
For testing purposes I just used the currency and event which was installed by default and when I posted a thread it gave me immediately 10 credits. So far so good.

I just can't find the option to recalculate all the credits for threads which were posted in the past before installing this add-on. I think this was an option for Vb4.
I just can't find the option to recalculate all the credits for threads which were posted in the past before installing this add-on. I think this was an option for Vb4.
At this time, that feature does not exist in the XenForo version, but I am working on it :)

At this time, that feature does not exist in the XenForo version, but I am working on it :)


Thanks. That would be very valuable. Guess our members would be disappointed when they see all their credits earned in vb4 are all lost suddenly and have to start from scratch.

While we are at it...
From my understanding when for example a user gets credits when he created a thread the credits will be reversed if the thread gets deleted?
I tried this on my test forum and nothing happens when the thread is deleted. The credits he got are not reversed.

Here is a screenshot from my settings: He gets 10 credits when posting a thread and technically should loose 10 credits when the thread is deleted?

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 6.02.51 AM.webp
Bear in mind the negation only works when the thread is physically removed, not soft deleted.


Tried again by "creating a thread". Got the 10 credits
the I did the physical delete and it still doesn't get reversed. I keep the 10 credits.
If I "reply to a thread" I get the credits and when I delete the reply it got reversed and I lost the credits.

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 7.45.04 AM.webp Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 7.49.33 AM.webp Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 7.49.33 AM.webp
[BETA] Rebuild / Recalculate - Release Notes

This functionality is in the BETA stage and should NOT be used on your live / production forum, not without extensive backups of your entire database so you can easily restore if something goes wrong. While I do need your help testing this feature, I would much prefer it if you cloned your site onto a test board and tried it there, so you don't jeoparise your live forum.

How do I access this feature?


I have alerts enabled, will this spam my users?

No. Alerts are disabled for all events being triggered via this feature.

What events can I recalculate?

Go to the Event Triggers page, and look for a "Yes" under the "Rebuildable" column.

Why can I not recalculate events for Event Trigger X?

Not every event trigger can be made available. If there's not enough data in the database to accurately track historic events and the time at which they happened, I would rather avoid making this event trigger available than having to use incorrect data.

An example of this is the "Interest" event in DragonByte Credits. There's no database record of when this event was applied and how much interest was generated, etc. For that reason, it is impossible to re-add those credits to a user's account at the time & in the amount that it was originally applied.

Sometimes, it is also not possible to accurately determine whether an event applies for performance reasons. An example of this is the "Revive" event, which applies when a thread hasn't been posted in for X amount of time. It would be virtually impossible to accurately track this without a significant performance impact.

That's fine, but I know for a fact that there's data for Event Trigger X, yet I can't recalculate it?

More event triggers will be made available for recalculation as time goes on.

If, once v4 goes out of Beta, you still know of ways to recalculate certain event triggers that have not been made available, please do let me know and show me examples of this in action, and I'll do my best to make them available.

Why can I not specify the currency to recalculate?

In this Beta version, all currencies are recalculated because the ground work needs to be laid (making sure the recalculate feature actually works) before we can add fancy French windows (pick and choose currencies).

It is fully intended to make it possible to specify only certain currencies to be recalculated.

I'm installing this mod for the first time, is this feature safe to use?

Yes. If you do not have any historical data to lose, you can use this feature with no fear at all.
I did some testing regarding the recalculations.

As seen in the screenshot you can not select the events:

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 7.18.52 PM.webp

Even when I uncheck "Reset all data" all my credits were still reset to 0

None of the events were recalculated. Everything is 0
I've resolved a few issues with the rebuild and completed the rebuild @ your site, feel free to have a look over and see if anything seems wrong to you :)

I appreciate the help in making the rebuild feature more stable :D


Thank you Fillip. It works now like it should.
The issues you resolved were they just related to our forum or are they general fixes which will be corrected in the next update?

rebuild feature more stable :D
when do you think it can be usable in live site? (unfortunately this feature is something that I can't help finding bugs, as there are a lot activities + lots of event triggers + high number of users in our site :D but I also need it a lot, as we totally disabled our previous wallet system and users are asking about their credits)
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