XF 2 Request for Extension to DragonByte Credits [Task in progress]

Hello XenForo Community,

I am currently using DragonByte Credits on my XenForo forum to manage a virtual currency system, and it has been a valuable addition to our community. However, I have a specific feature request that I believe would greatly enhance its functionality and utility.

Feature Request: I would like to request an extension or modification to DragonByte Credits that allows forum administrators to configure a partial pay rate for specific actions (e.g., thread creation) after a daily earnings limit is reached. Here's the scenario:

Use Case:
  • Members earn credits for creating threads.
  • I have set a daily limit for full pay rate thread creation.
  • Once a member reaches this daily limit, any additional threads they create on the same day would earn them credits at a reduced rate (e.g., 25% of the full rate) instead of the full rate.
Why This Feature Is Beneficial:
  • Encourages active participation while limiting excessive earnings.
  • Allows forum administrators to strike a balance between rewarding engagement and managing the forum economy.
I believe this feature would be highly beneficial for forums using DragonByte Credits to incentivize participation while maintaining a fair reward system.

If anyone is able to create such an extension, I am willing to discuss pay for this type of work. This can also be an open-source addon, I'm not requesting it solely for myself, so it could definitely be sold in the resources section. I just desperately need this feature developed as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Your continued efforts in improving XenForo addons are greatly appreciated by the community.

Best regards,
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