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Fahad is a fantastic developer with a substantial amount of knowledge for XenForo.
I paid him a really cheap and resonable price to carry out some work on my Forums, he did it insanely fast the moment I paid him, and had it all completed within a short amount of time on the same day, I'm very happy with the end result, everything I asked for was completed within the price range and was done to an expert level, the things I were not so happy with, he allowed me to change and edit until I was happy, despite it taking up more of his time, will definetly be using his services again in the future. 5/5.
Wow, I made a big mistake. My problem was with someone else, and I sincerely apologize to you

Wow, I made a big mistake. My problem was with someone else, and I sincerely apologize to you.
I had no experience working with you. im so sorry bro ❤🙌

Please delete my messages. so sorry.
Please so should be careful while giving someone fake review thanks you accept your mistake
Fahad is an incredibly talented developer. I had him design an add-on that is specific to my forum which is roleplay based. I couldn't get in touch with the previous designer of the add-on, so Fahad took on the job of upgrading. Unfortunately I did not have the files for the original plugin. So Fahad had to make it from scratch. Not only did he do what was asked, but he also included a bonus that I should have asked for initially. He went above and beyond, and would highly recommend using Fahad. I look forward to working with him again in the future.
I bought fahad ashraf Xen Bulletins Joinable Usergroup that is awesome to meet my requirements for my site. I came up with additional requirements that would help member's duties. I provide the details and in a few days he provided what I needed and more importantly exceeded my expectations. I rate fahad ashraf 5 stars + and would highly recommend him for custom work!
Great work! Fast! Uses livechat for fast 1-1 responses.

I paid for a custom addon that would allow me to accept credit and debit card payments in my store via a custom payment processor that i use.

fahad was able to deliver exactly what i want and was also able to do it cheaper than other competitors.

he is very quick to reply and even helped me solve problems while integrating it on many websites/servers which wasnt technically part of our deal.

i would recommend fahad and I would use his services again, just try to be as clear as possible with your desires and let fahad deliver what you ask for.
Delivered everything as planned and working well. It did take a bit longer to complete than expected in my case, but after we went over the first version, all of the remaining parts were finished according to my specifications. I would work with him again for custom work.
Fahad is a fantastic developer! He helped me as best he could and corrected my issues really quickly. He is kind and very serious in his work.

I recommend!
If we have to describe Fahad using one word, we'd say "perfection". But even that wouldn't explain how Fahad went above and beyond: not only did he deliver perfection, but he also did it swiftly. Our custom addon development and cost close to half a thousand USD, but Fahad took the job, delivered it in just a week. There were some big and small bugs at first, but Fahad tweaks it to perfection in that same evening when he delivers the first version. Amazing.

We work with a lot of freelancers before. Despite seeing this thread filled with A+++ feedback, we were skeptical at first, but now we will invite Fahad first if we need any customization for Xenforo.

A+++++++ 110/100.
I needed a custom add-on to ensure I was able to keep uploaded content exclusive on my website. Fahad went to great lengths to make my experience in doing business with him as comfortable as possible. He even allowed me to negotiate a price and a payment arrangement with him that was mutually beneficial. After that, he delivered the add-on on time and as expected, even showed me a demo of how it worked over a Discord call and answered all questions and concerns. I felt comfortable with his extensive knowledge and support. An absolute pleasure to do business with. Thank you!

Not to sound like a broken record, but I am adding another positive review for Fahad. The scope of the work was rather small, I needed to get a custom profile addon developed and Fahad came through quickly, professionally and at a good price. He's quick to respond on Skype, I am starting to wonder if the fella ever sleeps.

(y) all around! I will be in touch with him about new projects in the near future for sure.
A great guy. Professional, but also a very kind person, that's easy to tell.
Fahad delivered the work quickly with my custom addon. I can recommend him at any time if you need Xenforo services done.

+1 one from me - I can only recommend him. A big vouch from me! :)
I have recently changed from vBulletin to XenForo. With the major issue with vBulletin, when an Admin went rogue other admins could easily stop them. In XenForo, this ability doesn't exist. Only a Super Admin can remove admins. In order to do that you have to have multiple super admins which is a very bad situation as I believe that Super Admins should be unicorns that are very rare and protected. So I contacted Fahad to create a mod that would be a level between admins and super admins. This manage admins mod was done very quickly with a fair price based on my priority of importance. This mod where a super admin can assign specific admins the ability to manage other admins to include removing, adding, and modifying permissions. They would also have access to the admin logs.

The benefit of this mod is that you don't need additional super admins to manage the admins. Once you assign the permission to the selected admins, they can manage other admins. And when a rogue admin happens, they can handle it without the super admin.

Of all the mods that I have gotten, this one to me became the most important and had the highest priority. If this is something that you can use, contact Farad and he will help out with this one.

Farad, thank you for the hard work you did to get this one done quickly as now I feel my site is more secure. Well Done! TEN STARS!
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