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5.6 should work fine, but while you are at it consider PHP7. It will really speed up your site.
Xenporta would be my biggest worry. Anyway's this is all off-topic :) Will get nimbus to update to 5.6 for now.
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Getting this during install, had to view page source to see it..
An unexpected database error occurred. Please try again later.
<!-- MySQL statement prepare error [1146]: Table '*****_xf2dev.xf_sv_rating_cache_User' doesn't exist -->
Ugh. I must have broke the install process at some stage. I'm sure it worked in DP10 :cry:
I am currently using post rating add-on, Now i do not know if that add-on will be getting a serious upgrade for X2. But i tell you one thing this add-on looks promising. Now is this add-on taking over as the best rating add-on? cause if so members might want to bring over their post rating stats into this add-on.
@RobParker you are doing it correctly, but there is a bug with the table schema due to a missmatch for the defaults.

I see the problem, the installer needs tweaking a bit to allow the template to be empty :(

I also get this and not sure if it's related.

This is just with the default Like icon and shows up at the bottom of every thread.

Template Compilation Error
public:sv_contentratings_macros :: rating_bar() - Macro argument likeLinkData is required and no value was provided in /home/sites/xf.xxxxxxxxxxx/public_html/src/XF/Template/Templater.php:673
Xon updated Content Ratings for XF2 with a new update entry:

0.8.4 Alpha - Bugfix release

Bug fixes:
  • Fix issue when on the very first time an item is rated, the totals returned are off.
  • Fix issue preventing creating new rating types
  • Use built-in method to resolve a relative URL to an absolute one.
    • Requires testing with a CDN setup to verify all images are offloaded as expected.
  • Fix sprite parameter being ignored when set
Known issue:
  • Sprite-based images appear somewhat buggy atm, still troubleshooting.

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Just upgrading and I get this message

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 19.38.47.png

Is that anything to worry about? Should dev mode be turned off before upgrading addons in general?

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