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Content Ratings 2.7.6

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  • php 8.4+ compatibility fixes
  • Fix removing content which had been reacted to would result in a user's reaction score increasing. Reactions counts where correctly updated
    • Rebuilding counters can be done by running php cmd.php xf-rebuild:svcr-user-counts
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  • Fix a user couldn't see anonymous reactions they had given in the new feed.
  • Fix a user couldn't see visible but not active reactions they had received in the new feed and alerts
  • Fix "Alerts" option on a reaction just did not work
  • Make "Alerts" option on a reaction work retroactively in news feed and alerts
  • When rebuilding content reaction counts encounters a broken XF entity configuration, only log in debug mode to avoid spamming logs
  • Fix compatibility with UI.X when reacting to the first post of an article threads
  • Tweak locking strategy when sending alerts to hopefully reduce deadlocks
  • Expose the reaction category name to the reaction bar so the count can be styled
  • Add "anonymous" flag to the reaction definition which allows a reaction to be used and seen but to not display who gave it.
  • Add style property "Reaction bar icon size" (small/medium/large) instead of hardcoding the reaction bar icon as small
  • Do cache rebuilding when the add-on is rebuild, including detecting json support. If json support is disabled do not enable it on upgrade/rebuild
  • Add reaction restrictions:
    • Allow/deny by user(s)
    • Allow/deny by thread ids
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  • Fix lock ordering imposed when a reaction is added using the wrong ID as a user id for the receiving user
  • When a reaction is added, add explicitly ordered locking of the user records in an attempt to prevent deadlocks when XF does it's hourly cleanup and updates the last_activity timestamp for users.
  • Fix "Method name must be a string" when rendering reaction summary list links in come cases
  • Require XenForo 2.2+
  • Require StandardLib v1.18.0+
  • Require php 7.2+
  • Log reaction deletion when the deletion user is not the reaction user
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