Content Ratings

Content Ratings 2.7.6

No permission to buy ($35.00)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.1
  2. 2.2
Additional requirements
php 7.0+
Standard Library by Xon v1.2.1+
Updates duration
12 Months ($25 Yearly Renewal + GST for Australian Residents)
Visible branding
Inspired by the XF1 add-on "Post Ratings", and the prevalence of "Reactions" as an alternative to the single dimensional Likes.

To consolidate alerts use Alert Improvements

Installing/Uninstalling on a large forum

It is strongly recommended to use the CLI installer/uninstaller.

This add-on alters xf_reaction_content, which can take a very long time for a large forum.

To run the SQL manually, use;
alter table xf_reaction_content
    add index reaction_user_id_reaction_date (`reaction_user_id`,`reaction_date`);

  • XF1 "Post Ratings" importer
  • Whitelist/blacklist ratings by user group, lock to starting poster, and limit to forums (for threads)
  • Reactions;
    • Support flexible image icon selection;
      • Emoji
      • Sprite Images
      • Images (with high definition alternative image)
      • css fonts
      • Templates (for inline SVG)
    • A Reaction can be usable or visible;
      • Visible & usable - everyone can use and see
      • Not visible & usable - only the person giving the rating can see their own rating, allowing a "private rating".
      • Visible & not usable - everyone can see, not may not use it.
      • Not Visible & not usable, - no one may see or use it.
  • Reaction Categories
    • For example; positive/negative/neutral categories
    • If a category shows on the profile/memberbit/postbit & how stats are presented.
  • Statistics integration
  • User Criteria integration
  • Selectable "default reaction" to display as the menu icon, can be Random, or None.
  • Large number of style properties to customize look and feel.
    • Horizontal rating selection
    • Touch support
  • Display highest reactions on thread rating list (disabled by default)
    • Global option to enable/disable
    • Style property options to customize
  • Reaction Categories automatic actions when a category hits some threshold ;
    • Report content
    • Moderate content
    • Soft-delete content
  • Allow arbitrary number of reaction/reaction category user criteria
  • Permissions for:
    • View non-visible (but active) reactions
    • View reaction lists
    • Remove reaction from content
Style Property screenshots
This add-on has a large number of style property customization options, and the following screenshots demo some of the options:
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Alert Improvements
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Latest updates

  1. 2.7.6 - Bugfix update

    php 8.4+ compatibility fixes Fix removing content which had been reacted to would result in a...
  2. 2.7.4 - Bugfix update

    Fix a user couldn't see anonymous reactions they had given in the new feed. Fix a user couldn't...
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Latest reviews

Not sure why this is not part of the core yet. Awesome add-on by an awesome developer! I even use it sort of as a reputation system with the bar in postbit.
This is an essential add-on if you make heavy use of the reactions system. This allows staff members to remove reactions from users, and allows you to assign an arbitrary value per reaction. You can even setup your reactions to display in different ways. Neat!
"Can you please add a ..... rating?"

We've all heard that as forum owners many a time, and with this, the answer is yes! A near infinite number of options for reactions.

Then you add the ability to black/white list, and trigger reactions based on thresholds.

Add to this the ability to allow your users to assist staff by auto reporting items with negative post ratings (automatically too), and you have a highly functional, well written, and extremely powerful addon.

For the price you are effectively getting a group content moderation system, as well as a content ratings system.

NOTE: Currently you can only apply ONE trigger/threshold to reactions. This has been reported to the developer to see if it's possible to trigger multiples (e.g report at 5 reactions, remove at 10).
Very feature rich with a great look. It really is a must have for a forum as users love this feature. The only complaint is that the author locks a key feature (Reactions Given List) and makes you purchase an additional AddOn in order to enable.
Great features in this add-on. More features in this than any other reaction add-on to date. My favorite addition is the click to pull up reactions feature. This has taken the cake on any other reaction add-on. Xon is an excellent developer and always impresses me with his intuitive dedication and updates to all of his add-ons. He may be an inspiring Xenforo Dev one day.
Nice options and natural successor to Post Ratings. The developer has been responsive to my questions and bug reports.
Excellent add-on, does exactly what it says. So many features and easy to configure. The developer is always there with updates and bugs fixes if any.
A must-have if you use the reaction system in my opinion. As always Xon is quick to fix any issues that might come up (and they rarely do :)).
Working great on my XF2.1 boards. Much better then the default XF content ratings, thanks heaps Xon. A+
Great plugin and great developer who takes into consideration changes and improvements. Have recommended to a few people now and will continue to do so.
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