1. Painbaker

    [PB] Moderator Tools 1.0.0

    Extended moderation tools: Single removing reactions from any content Mark user discouraged Removing reactions in date range (like in ACP) Removing user's avatars Removing user's profile banners
  2. bill78

    XF 2.1 Reactions - Is it possible to get breakdowns for each reaction type?

    I've had a search and can not find an answer to my query, apologies if it has been covered elsewhere already. Is it possible to get a breakdown for the reaction score total? Ideally to display on a members profile or similar? Thanks in advance!
  3. HJW

    Duplicate Reactions now require two clicks on safari with the latest updates

    Confirmed by a handful of users that the latest apple update now means when you click like it opens up the menu and they have to click again to like. Is there a fix in progress? Users are finding it annoying that it's changed and takes longer to like. Thanks
  4. TickTackk

    Daily Reaction Limit 1.0.3

    Daily Reaction Limit for XenForo 2.1.7+ Description This add-on allows to limit the amount of reactions user can give daily. Requirements PHP 7.3.0+ Options Group Name Description Daily Reaction Limit Reaction limit type Select the type of reaction limit that will be provided...
  5. AndrewSimm

    [Andrew] Negative Reactors 1.0.0

    [Andrew] Negative Reactors allows users to view their top negative reactors by count. A link to the top negative is displayed under "Reactions received" on the users' account. Users can also access the list by click on a link in the user dropdown. Features View top negative reactors...
  6. AndrewSimm

    [Andrew] Positive Reactors 1.0.0

    [Andrew] Positive Reactors allows users to view their top positive reactors by count. A link to top positive reactors is displayed under "Reactions received" on the users' account. Users can also access the list by click on a link in the user dropdown. Features View top positive reactors...
  7. XDinc

    [XTR] Prevent of Take it Back Reactions or Change Reactions Type 1.0.1

    Easy to do, certainly. Reactions are a way of agreeing with a post, to one degree or another. It's a way to say: "I agree with what he/she said". Abused? I suppose, perhaps.... but I want to keep the option available for the bulk of us who use it for what it's meant for. Don't you think like...
  8. Masetrix

    Unmaintained Prohibit reactions in certain forums and/or for specific user groups.

    Prohibit reactions in certain forums and/or for specific user groups. Edit Template: post_macros Find near Line: 138 -> <xf:contentcheck> after <xf:contentcheck> and before <xf:react content="{$post}" link="posts/react" list="< .js-post | .js-reactionsList" /> insert...
  9. I

    XF 2.1 Hide reactions in the Latest activity

    How to hide items displaying reactions (Like, Love, Angry, etc) in the Latest activity:
  10. vandross

    Duplicate Reactions: Profile Summary (and Reputation Bar)

    I searched and didn't see anything relevant to what I want to suggest, but as always I could have used the wrong keywords. Please merge if necessary! The forum I'm on uses the Reaction plugin which is extremely useful, considering a lot of our members are migrants from another board that uses...
  11. sub_ubi

    Add-on XF2.1 [Paid] Two-clicks to react, limit specific reaction

    We have a need that isn't currently fulfilled by any existing resources. 1) Two clicks to react. First click/tap brings up the reaction menu, second click/tap leaves the reaction. We basically want to remove the current functionality of a click selecting the default reaction, and want to force...
  12. I

    Lack of interest Reactions given

    It would be nice to see "Reactions given" beside existing "Reactions received" at /account/reactions.
  13. truonglv

    [tl] Most reacted threads, posts 1.0.1

    Description: Show most reacted threads, posts in user profile Content supported: Thread Post Options: N/A Permissions: N/A
  14. Woislfr

    Not a bug [2.1version XF] Reactions not working :(

    Hello folks! I had 2.0.6 XF and after that installed 2.1.0 version with custom theme. After that I can't exactly find the error, cuz in Styles&Themes -> Outdated templates is empty. Old likes possible to see, but I can't react right now to any post, here I'm providing 2 type of errors and...
  15. ThemeHouse

    [TH] Reactions Plus 1.0.3 Patch Level 4

    Reactions Plus If you want to get more out of reactions on your forum, than Reactions Plus is for you. Expand the type of reactions on your forum, choose who can use reactions, what nodes they can be used in, and set up auto moderation based on a set reaction score threshold so users can help...
  16. Alien

    Lack of interest Merging Reactions

    Hey, I'd like to merge a few reactions together to cut down on the quantity we have. I don't believe the functionality exists to merge two reactions, so I'm going to make that request. I'd like to be able to choose, say, a created positive reaction and merge it into "Like" for example. This...
  17. Mouth

    XF 2.1 Rebuilding Post Reactions?

    There doesn't seem to be a function within either cmd.php or /admin.php?tools/rebuild to perform a rebuild on posts, updating xf_post.reaction_score | xf_post.reactions | xf_post.reaction_users How would one achieve this? I can perform a /posts/123456/react?reaction_id=1 which will rebuild...
  18. XenConcept

    [XenConcept] Hide BBCode 2.0.5 Patch Level 1

    This addon gives users the ability to hide their content using BBCode. This addon requires version 2.1 of XenForo Features: Six different BBCode to Hide Contents. UserGroup permissions TAG DESCRIPTION [HIDE] This tag can be mapped to any of the above BBCodes. (Default -...
  19. Earl

    Reaction system improvement

    Node specific reaction types (Admin can select a particular reaction type to display only in a particular node) Inline mode tools get an option to covert reaction type when moving a thread from a node to another node that has a different allowed reaction type. For an instance: Node A has WOW...
  20. D

    Lack of interest Use reaction as reputation system

    Hello, what do you think about hiding specific reactions from the public view summary pages? If you add a "dislike" or "fake news" reaction, users could spam on this and this could get some members war. If you allow users to use the "dislike" or "fake news" button, but hiding them from the list...