Content Ratings for XF2.1+ Resource Manager

Content Ratings for XF2.1+ Resource Manager 2.1.0

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When I click install nothing happens, at all. I cannot even install the addon
This add-on requires Content Ratings for XF2 a paid add-on (which is documented under the requires section), and you have not provided any additional information for troubleshooting and I have no records that your username is associated with an existing licence of Content Ratings for XF2.
I have found a minor bug with this addon. If the Rate Menu Location is set to "In Reaction Bar", the links for remove and reactions are incorrect.

When I hover over a rating icon, the url looks like index.php?resources/test.46/react&reaction_id=1

If I change option to default "In-place of the XF like button" the url is correct index.php?resources/test.46/update/52/react&reaction_id=1

For now I'll just use the default option for this as a workaround.

Thank you
I have found the source of the bug mentioned above when using "In Reaction Bar" option with "Under content controls". The bug is found in the template modification svContentRatingsXFRM_xfrm_resource_view_a. The regular expression substitution is incorrect. If you hit the Test button, it shows it output this:

arg-reactRoute="resources/react" arg-reactionsListRoute="resources/update/reactions"

When it should have output this:
arg-reactRoute="resources/update/react" arg-reactionsListRoute="resources/update/reactions"

I have fixed locally by changing the Replace to this: arg-reactRoute="$3/update/react"

There is similar bug with svContentRatingsXFRM_xfrm_resource_view_b, but this time with the reactionsListRoute. Output is this:

arg-reactRoute="resources/update/react" arg-reactionsListRoute="resources/reactions"

Should be:
arg-reactRoute="resources/update/react" arg-reactionsListRoute="resources/update/reactions"

My workaround fix: arg-reactionsListRoute="$5/update/reactions

edit: looks like the other 2 template modifications (svContentRatingsXFRM_xfrm_resource_update_macros_*) have similar issue, but I had not yet run into that as I had not yet tested update reactions.

Other than this minor issue, I'm really enjoying your Content Ratings resources!
Thank you!
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Hi Xon-

I think you missed one fix in svContentRatingsXFRM_xfrm_resource_update_macros_a:

-<xf:macro template="sv_contentratings_macros" name="rating_bar"        arg-entity="{$2}" arg-reactRoute="$3/react" arg-reactionsListRoute="$3/$4"  />
+<xf:macro template="sv_contentratings_macros" name="rating_bar"        arg-entity="{$2}" arg-reactRoute="$3/update/react" arg-reactionsListRoute="$3/$4"  />
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