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If anyone wants to know how to add a Material Design icon to the Siropu Chat navigation tab, this is what worked for me:

leave the font awesome field in chat settings blank, and in template extra.less add the below:

.p-navEl [data-nav-id=siropuChat]:before{
     font-family: 'Material Design Icons';
     content: "\f28c";
     padding-right: 2px;

And I used the icon codes from this site:

This was frustrating for me to figure out, so putting it here for others :)

My result:

Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 9.40.47 PM.webp
Hey Siropu!
When a user reacts to your chat message it always sends a push notification and there is no option to disable this.
I checked /account/preferences/ and all my react options are checked to alert but not push - however, the chat messages always send alerts and pushes.
You have unchecked "Reacts to your chat room message" and "Reacts to your chat conversation message" and still get alerts/push notifications?
You have unchecked "Reacts to your chat room message" and "Reacts to your chat conversation message" and still get alerts/push notifications?
Those options do not appear on the account preferences page (and I don't see any template modifications that would be trying to add them for chat), and neither do they appear in the chat specific notifications drop down (where I only have mention alerts checked),
It doesn't work with template modifications. I have the options on my localhost but not on my test site so I have no idea what's going on ATM.
Siropu updated Chat 2 by Siropu with a new update entry:

Improvements & Bug Fixes

Added permission validation for forum notifications (It will work only for notifications posted after the upgrade).
Disabling the Chat will display the button to enable on the same place.

Bugs Fixed
Chat user preferences for alerts and push notifications not displaying due to content type changes.
Message actions in a password protected room giving an error for users who cannot bypass room password.

Read the rest of this update entry...
I know I've asked this before (but it's become more of a priority for our members than ever before), but in the chat Dice Roller, there is only the option to have either, 1. Sum the result of multiple dices (Raine rolls 4d6 +1 and gets 21); or 2. Show individual dice rolls (Raine rolls 4d6 +1 and gets 4,5,5,7).

Is it possible to change it so that it shows BOTH simultaneously? Like this:

Raine rolled 10. (3 + 4 + 3 = 10) <-- for example. OR: Raine rolls 3d6 and gets (3, 4, 3) 10.

Something like that. We need to see the individual rolls to establish Bonuses and/or Random Complications, but we don't want to sit there with calculators, adding a dozen different people's rolls together, especially when dealing with very high dice (it becomes -very- time consuming).
I can't reproduce this problem on any other device, so I may just have to suffer, but on my iPad running the latest iOS the chat is always scrolled to the top (the oldest message) and if I scroll it down it goes back up to the top when it refreshes looking for new messages. Can anybody else duplicate this behaviour? Is it possible to resolve?
Hi, I can't figure out how to change the chat users widget icon. I tried this with no luck:

[data-widget-key="siropu_chat_users"] h3.block-minorHeader:before {
    display: inline-block;
    padding-right: 5px;
Go to siropu_chat_widget_users template and replace <div class="block"> with <div class="block"{{ widget_data($widget) }}>
When my users input a Hex code for their text settings (so they always use the same text color while in chat), the color shows up as saved but all text is still the board default (usually white or some version of grey, since we use dark skins). Is this a bug? Because the only way for them to make the text show up in that color is to highlight the text in the message box, then use the text color icon in the Editor to change the hue. They have to do this each time they type something so it kinda negates the purpose of being able to set Your message color permanently...

Advice as to how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

The usergroup permissions are set to allow them to choose their text color, etc.
Hey there, is it possible to trigger a new joined room ChatBot message when someone reopens the chat after dropping off from the chatters list? The XF1 version of Siropu Chat used to behave this way. I have configured the XF2 version to auto-login on the chat page. While this does add the user to the chatters list when they open the page, I'd also like to trigger a new join ChatBot message if they weren't already on the chatters list.

TL;DR: When a user opens (or is logged into) the chat...
  • ...and they already display in the chatters list (active or idle): keep current behavior
  • ...and they're not currently displayed in the chatters list (idle timeout or first time in chat): always create a 'user joined room' message.
Is this possible? :) Thanks!
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