Chat 2 by Siropu

Chat 2 by Siropu [Paid] 2.2.11

No permission to buy (€29.99)
Where is the conversation list sidebar? Have you made any changes to the Chat?
I haven't made any changes to chat.
Please check the attached screenshot with a complete preview.
When we start the private conversation it asks for the user and message. After providing user and message it goes fine and send the chat. But when we try to send more chats it shows error. Then we have to click on popup chat to send more chats.

Screenshot 2023-05-15 at 11.20.00 AM.png
Please check the attached screenshot with a complete preview.
Where is says "Write a private message..." it should say "(Testing account) Write a private message..."
How are you switching the tabs of conversations? Try clicking the username in the right first.
I'm loving the chat room, well worth the investment!

A few questions.

Default room is General Chit-Chat, how do I change the name?

I am starting with just the one room, but a few have used the /leave command and they have a hell of a time getting back on. How can I prevent them leaving the main room or have them auto-join next visit?

In Admin, on left panel, click Chat, and choose Options.


So you have those options. Lots of other stuff on that page too. Then if you go into your Permissions, let's say for Registered Users, you can scroll down and you have Chat Permissions. Bunch of options there too.
I'm up with Chat version 2.2.8 on xf 2.2.13. On the normal, full-size version of our site everything looks fine.
When we open the site on an iPhone, the chat button on the main navbar that gets the little number with the number of chatters displays 0 regardless of how many there are in the chat. When you actually enter the chatroom it switches to the proper number.

Any ideas?

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I added it with my ChatGPT key, and it works.

However, it seems to randomly repeat the previous AI answer every 5 or 10 minutes. I'm going to zap the key for now, until there's an updated version.

It seems to be generating these, when it hiccups.

Disabling AI also doesn't seem to disable it at all.

Gonna see if I can go back to previous version for now
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