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Chat 2 by Siropu [Paid] 2.2.8

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Siropu updated Chat 2 by Siropu with a new update entry:

Improvements & Bug Fixes

Added the option to use file based "real-time" actions for edit/delete/reaction instead of XF simple cache due to issues on some big boards.
Made some cache improvements for active bot response/message count.

Bugs Fixed
Misspelling/errors on some phrases.
Issue with some permissions when editing rooms.
Issue with posting on some big boards where room cache not working as expected, causing a permission error.

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Hi, before I renew when I goto your site I have to type in /nick to set a name if I was logged (registered on your forum) in on your site would this not happen?


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Hi, I have discovered in Chat 2.2.7 that individual forum moderators are unexpectedly able to view and action reports for chat messages despite having no chat moderator permissions. Looking at the code, the following permission check is done in Siropu\Chat\Report\Message.php:
    protected function canActionContent(Report $report)
        $visitor = \XF::visitor();
        return $visitor->hasPermission('siropuChat', 'reportMessages');

Changing a forum moderator's permission to report messages to Never works around this issue.

In my opinion it would be better to only allow chat message reports to be viewed/actioned when a user has an appropriate chat moderator permission, such as editAnyMessage or deleteAnyMessage. E.g.:
    protected function canActionContent(Report $report)
        $visitor = \XF::visitor();
        return $visitor->hasPermission('siropuChatModerator', 'editAnyMessage') || $visitor->hasPermission('siropuChatModerator', 'deleteAnyMessage');



Currently Chat 2 by Siropu [Paid] 2.2.8 is in conflict with the [021] Real time chat 1.3.0

I contacted @021 and suggested he should have the option to change the link and he asked for a $15 fee.


I just wanted to inform you.

If possible, you should have the option to change the URL path to avoid conflicts between the add-ons.

All for the community.