Before I Buy


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You can download either one when you purchase XenForo.

But the looks of XF 2 shouldn't deter you from using it when it's out of Beta. Looks can be changed :D


Chris D

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I just want to know if the buying link on is for version 1.5?

I think version 2 sucks pond water in the way that it looks and would prefer 1.5.

Let me know.
Many would say the same about XF 1.5.

An XF license will allow you to download any previous version so whether you purchase now (where 1.5 is still our stable release) or purchase later in the year (when 2.0 will be our stable release) you will still be able to use the older version. If you purchase now, that license will also be good for 2.0 when it is released, too, in case you change your mind in the future.