XF 1.5 An unexpected database error occurred. Please try again later.

I'm having a problem with Xenoforo. When I go onto my website the only thing on my screen is this error message: "An unexpected database error occurred. Please try again later." I did some research on this and I found a couple problems that could of been why it wasn't working. I think the main reason is that I recently got a new MySQL server and I put the new information in the /root/library/config file but it's still not working. Any suggestions? Thanks :D
If you right click on the error message and select "View Source" you will find a more descriptive error hidden.

In your case, (I have removed the actual server name) the error is:

<!-- Host '....net' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server -->

Unless you have made any changes yourself to cause this, you will almost certainly need to contact your host in the first instance.
Sorry if i'm not getting this. How can I access the files, I have FileZilla to access the files but I can't get on the website at all or go on the admin page. My host is GoDaddy and I have a different host for the MySQL.
It's very unusual to be using separate web and database servers in such a way. It would seem that your web server is being blocked from accessing your database server, and this is likely expected if they are provided by different companies.

So, yes, use one hosting company to host your web and database servers.
I have both on Godaddy and it just did the same with me. I cant log in via FTP either. This is right after I was black listed for email spam, even though I have not sent a newsletter out in a year and when I do I always have a unsubscribe link and only send to people who subscribe. I also noticed I cannot log in via ftp with any other of my ftp accounts. Seems like Godaddy has been hacked yet I hate to call them as every time you do they try and up-sell you.
I have tried pretty much most of the big hosting, but the kicker with Godaddy is when it renewed they charged me 3 times as much as when I signed up, giving me 3 days notice. Anyone got a host they really like? I was on a whm panel, it was pretty awesome, but tech support sucked (single hop) server kept crashing and they could not figure out why until I left then they offered to build a new one.
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