1. fahad ashraf

    XF 2.2 Pagination issue

    i am facing strange issue on pagination if am i getting record without limit with order then i am getting all record but if i am doing pagination 100 in one page then there is 2 record missing that is really strange why record is missing please someone guide me Thanks
  2. N

    MySQL 5.6 to MySQL 5.7 update on exsisting Xenforo 2.1

    Hi, I have Xenforo running on a Centos Cpanel server with MySQL 5.6. I would like to update to MySQL 5.7 but I am wondering if I should consider anything or if there can be any problem updating MySQL for an existing Xenforo forum.
  3. XenForo

    Developer IDE and server software setup guides

    Here at XenForo, we like to keep our development environments up-to-date and as useful as possible, and from time to time we include some of our findings in our online documentation. Recently, we've published an easy setup guide for a Windows-based development environment and now we've added...
  4. Wildcat Media

    Beta Delete private conversations in bulk.

    Did a staff member accidentally send out a bulk private conversation to the forum membership? That happened with us. As a result, we had over 39,000 private conversations all originating from one user, not only clogging up his inbox, but getting into the inboxes of all the forum members who...
  5. fahad ashraf

    XF 2.2 Unicode enable error

    Anybody please help me how i can fixed it unicode error
  6. Mr. Jinx

    max_user_connections (30) exceeded messages

    Lately I'm getting these max_user_connections exceeded messages from MySQL. I asked my hosting provider if they could raise the limit. However, they told me that only in very rare situations you would need 30+ connections. Even for extremely busy sites, 30 should be more than enough. Most...
  7. J

    XF 2.0 MySQL high CPU usage since upgrade

    Since upgrading to the latest release, MySQL has been pegged at 100%. Anyone else?
  8. frm

    Forum on one server + MySQL on another

    Source: This was found on a StackOverflow post. Right now, I'm connecting with root to my MySQL server so it would only take 1 more step for someone to mess everything up...
  9. developr

    XF 2.1 xf_session_activity is full

    After a few days I get an error xf_session_activity is full and then the forum isn't working. Maybe because I set the parameter $config['pageCache']['recordSessionActivity'] = true; in config.php? If I restart MySQL it solve the problem for few days.
  10. Xiomera

    Changing custom thread fields values in mysql database for large number of threads (no batch option available)

    The light grey text is the background to my problem (not relevent for the MySQL question) Dear forum, my basic intention is to change the field type of an custom thread field from "check boxes" to "radio buttons" (only 1 option should be selectable). Since this change is not possible directly...
  11. digitalpoint

    Won't fix 2.1.0 Alpha step 33 SQL error during upgrade

    Not a huge deal because I already worked through it, but might save you guys a support issue down the road. While the SQL query build is fancy and big, not all storage engines support multiple commands in a single SQL statement. From the Limitations of NDB online operations section here...
  12. SyTry

    XF 2.0 Fatal error: Uncaught XF\Db\Exception: MySQL query error [1615]

    Hello, Sometimes I have a white screen with the following error : Fatal error: Uncaught XF\Db\Exception: MySQL query error [1615]: Prepared statement needs to be re-prepared in /homepages/17/my_db/htdocs/XenForo/src/XF/Db/AbstractStatement.php:212 Stack trace: #0...
  13. C

    XF 1.5 Fatal error. Mysqli statement execute error : Out of range value for column 'referrer_id' at row 1

    This error appeared out of "thin air". I got to bed and woke up to this error. I have to say I'm on a fully managed server, so somebody most likely did something (they claim they didn't - until now). It's somehow related to the image proxy setting. You only see broken images in the threads, but...
  14. CMTV

    XF 2.0 ->whereIds(...) Use IDs array order

    Hi! I have an ordered array of IDs gathered from complex SELECT query. Now I need to get entities with IDs from my array but in the order they are listed in IDs array! It can be done with this query: SELECT * FROM table WHERE id IN (5,4,3,1,6) ORDER BY FIELD(id, 5,4,3,1,6); But the porblem...
  15. gforce

    XF 2.0 MSQL Error

    Team, I really tried to do as much research as I could (2 days of forums, googling and etc). I went into phpadmin and tried to hunt this down, but cannot find it. I'm use to VB so the learning curb has been quite difficult. Would you have any idea on where to start? XF\Db\Exception: MySQL...
  16. hutch2323

    XF 2.0 Passing values from a textbox to .php function

    Hello again! I'm attempting to build a custom query page whereby a user (for admin use only) can enter a username into a textbox, click a search button, and retrieve the stored information connected to the username. Currently, I have blocks of code, but I'm not entirely sure how to combine it...
  17. TML

    XF 1.5 Support for mysqlnd_ms within XenForo? (Master Slave Databases)

    Hello, I've recently deployed the mysqlnd_ms PHP module which provides replication and load balancing support to all PHP MySQL extensions that use mysqlnd. This means that we are able to load balance all database traffic according to a specified central configuration. The plugin itself routes...
  18. Anhava

    Addon that add's hundreds of new forums from JSON-file

    Hello! I'm using list of all (over 1900) cryptocurrencies in other script which is not any kind of XF made, it makes own pages for every crypto to my main website. Is it possible to import forums from JSON file or at maybe MySQL db? So I have JSON file which contains those informations...
  19. Dave Stromberger

    XF 1.5 Can't Rebuild User Cache + User Edit Errors. MySQL Timeout

    Have had this issue for a while, and haven't been unable to figure it out. I first noticed it when I had users complain that they were unable to make changes to their profile... change avatar, password, etc. I tried via the Admin panel, but none of my changes would be saved on these users who...
  20. AppleAndMango

    MySQL vs MariaDB

    Hey. So I've been reading around and I've noticed that MariaDB is generally suggested more than MySQL as a database server, I've Googled and I can't seem to find a clear answer to my question of what's the difference and why do people prefer MariaDB over MySQL. Anyone feel like explaining...