1. C

    XF 1.5 Fatal error. Mysqli statement execute error : Out of range value for column 'referrer_id' at row 1

    This error appeared out of "thin air". I got to bed and woke up to this error. I have to say I'm on a fully managed server, so somebody most likely did something (they claim they didn't - until now). It's somehow related to the image proxy setting. You only see broken images in the threads, but...
  2. CMTV

    XF 2.0 ->whereIds(...) Use IDs array order

    Hi! I have an ordered array of IDs gathered from complex SELECT query. Now I need to get entities with IDs from my array but in the order they are listed in IDs array! It can be done with this query: SELECT * FROM table WHERE id IN (5,4,3,1,6) ORDER BY FIELD(id, 5,4,3,1,6); But the porblem...
  3. gforce

    XF 2.0 MSQL Error

    Team, I really tried to do as much research as I could (2 days of forums, googling and etc). I went into phpadmin and tried to hunt this down, but cannot find it. I'm use to VB so the learning curb has been quite difficult. Would you have any idea on where to start? XF\Db\Exception: MySQL...
  4. hutch2323

    XF 2.0 Passing values from a textbox to .php function

    Hello again! I'm attempting to build a custom query page whereby a user (for admin use only) can enter a username into a textbox, click a search button, and retrieve the stored information connected to the username. Currently, I have blocks of code, but I'm not entirely sure how to combine it...
  5. TML

    XF 1.5 Support for mysqlnd_ms within XenForo? (Master Slave Databases)

    Hello, I've recently deployed the mysqlnd_ms PHP module which provides replication and load balancing support to all PHP MySQL extensions that use mysqlnd. This means that we are able to load balance all database traffic according to a specified central configuration. The plugin itself routes...
  6. Anhava

    Addon that add's hundreds of new forums from JSON-file

    Hello! I'm using list of all (over 1900) cryptocurrencies in other script which is not any kind of XF made, it makes own pages for every crypto to my main website. Is it possible to import forums from JSON file or at maybe MySQL db? So I have JSON file which contains those informations...
  7. Dave Stromberger

    XF 1.5 Can't Rebuild User Cache + User Edit Errors. MySQL Timeout

    Have had this issue for a while, and haven't been unable to figure it out. I first noticed it when I had users complain that they were unable to make changes to their profile... change avatar, password, etc. I tried via the Admin panel, but none of my changes would be saved on these users who...
  8. AppleAndMango

    MySQL vs MariaDB

    Hey. So I've been reading around and I've noticed that MariaDB is generally suggested more than MySQL as a database server, I've Googled and I can't seem to find a clear answer to my question of what's the difference and why do people prefer MariaDB over MySQL. Anyone feel like explaining...
  9. T

    xenforo expert needed for customisation and mods

    We are looking for xenForo Developer to add 5-6 new mods to our forums. Here is what I need to be done for reference: - Custom New Thread Options - Reputaion System - Points System - Vote up & Vote Down for particular thread - Member Ranking System Also I want front page for my...
  10. Earl

    XF 1.5 Attached files importing failed

    I've been performing an import from vB 3.8. Everything was going smoothly until I click the "Import Attachments" button, and I got this error: I skipped importing "content tags" step because I don't want tags from previous vBulletin site. Was that the problem? I don't think so. And got...
  11. Chernabog

    xenForo Resources - Purchased but do not know how to change pre-fix

    So I just purchased and installed xenForo resources. It looks nice, but I do not know how to edit the example category that displays. I do not seem to have the administrator ability to change that - so any help would be appreciated.
  12. kbarg

    Posting Forum news on PHP page

    Can anyone, anyone show me what I need to do to pull, "date, author, title, avatar, and message body" from my news forum posts and post them on my non-cms website. I do not use wordpress, and everything on my site is coded by hand. I would prefer to keep it that way. I know there will need to...
  13. Matt C.

    MySQL server has gone away

    Before I begin, I'm fully aware that this is a server issue and not a XenForo issue. However, I've tried everything by searching the Xenforo forums, google, etc and nothing seems to work. Hopefully someone can help me out. :) Whenever I try to install addons I always get this error part way...
  14. Neutral Singh

    Composition of MySql Forum Database

    My forum's database has reached 2GB... but lately it is increasing at an alarming pace where as i have not noticed any significant jump in activity over a long period of time... Is there a way to see, what comprises of the database... like how much is the size of the images etc. Is there a...
  15. AppleAndMango

    XF 1.5 External MySQL

    Hello. I'm trying to connect my installation to an external MySQL database which is using SSL. Connecting to the database from my local machine or the VPS running Xenforo when the database server is setup to accept SSL connections only works, however when using the same credentials in the...
  16. Live Free

    XF 1.5 Duplicating custom field choices/values

    I am trying to create a near duplicate custom field - that is, create a new custom user field but duplicate the all of the possible values/choices of an existing through a MySQL query, rather than manually recreating the questions (due to the number of choices this would take hours). I have a...
  17. Live Free

    Table size differences - anything look unusual?

    So I thought I was having a database crisis, long story short it doesn't appear I am. I compared table sizes for my current installation and a two week old backup. A few tables seemed to drop in size which caught my eye and I'm not sure if I should be concerned or not. Left columns contain...
  18. H

    MySQL Memory (HEAP) tables and replication

    For those of you who use replication with more than 1 MySQL active server or even the cluster version of MySQL with your XenForo database: How do you handle the tables in default XenForo database which use "Memory" as their table engine? We use a Galera powered replication cluster. As you know...
  19. S

    RAM Usage Builds Up Over Time

    Hello. In my dedicated server, i notice that RAM usage builds up over time. For example 2 days ago after running for several months, RAM usage was constantly around 250 GB almost every time (i monitored using script every minute). But yesterday when i decided to upgrade my RAM (i added 128 GB...
  20. Chris Goldsmith

    XF 1.5 database credentials

    I have added a 2nd web server to the config and need to create a database user for the 2nd web head. I do not remember the password I used for the database user. in other forums like phpbb it is stored in a config.php Where can I find that so I can create a new user with the same password?