1. C

    MySQL Replica

    Hi, I got the complete technique working. 1 master & 4 slaves. Now how can I tell XF to use them. Or does it do that automatically. Because my master is very very very busy with 3k users Could read some already with AdapterClass, etc.. Does anyone know more?
  2. Argema

    XenForo doesn't work because of XF\Db\Exception: MySQL query error [1205]: Lock wait timeout exceeded

    Hi everyone, for no reason, last week, our Xen forum got this error and users can no longer write messages or do anything else. Our setup at the time was: xenforo 2.1, php 7.3.33, mariadb 10.3; And now we have: xenforo 2.2.8, php 8.0.28, mariadb 10.5.18; We tried switching the server (dedicated...
  3. H

    Improve MySQL write log efficiency

    Any thoughts on improving write log efficiency? I noticed MySQL CPU is spiking up... when IO spikes up. Which makes sense but what I can't figure out is how to improve write log efficiency. -------- Performance Metrics -----------------------------------------------------------------------...
  4. E

    XF 2.2 Is there a way to use Union with the finder?

    I want to retrieve a list of threads using an Union in the query. Is there a way to translate this query to the finder? SELECT * FROM ( ( SELECT xt.* FROM xf_thread xt WHERE xt.node_id = 100 ORDER BY xt.last_post_date DESC LIMIT 20 ) union (...
  5. PaulB

    PSA for any sites on MySQL 8.0.29: Data corruption, incl. backups

    This isn't directly a XenForo issue, but it will affect any XenForo sites using MySQL 8.0.29. As far as I'm aware, MariaDB is not affected. Only 8.0.29 is affected; older and newer versions are in the clear. MySQL 8.0.29 was released 2022-04-26, so if you haven't updated since then, you're...
  6. S

    Cannot Move or Delete Posts on Large XenForo Forum, Need Advice

    We have run into an issue where we can't move or delete posts or threads on a large XenForo install and I would like to get some advice. We are running XenForo v2.2.9 with 50+ million posts and 2+ million registered users. When we try to move or delete posts using the inline moderation (even...
  7. forumSolution

    XF 2.2 Or condition on finder

    Hey, I want to write a query on xenforo that will have both operator AND , OR . If i use $item->where() then it will use only AND .. but if use $item->where()->whereOr(). Then it will wrap all OR condition in AND . Is there anyway i can write something like that . Select * from zyx where...
  8. PaulB

    Help URLs with invalid UTF-8 cause exceptions in MySQL 8

    The following URL will result in a 404 with MariaDB but an exception with MySQL 8.0.x: Furthermore, the exception may fail to log to the database and third-party monitoring services (in our case, Datadog). This tends to be triggered often by...
  9. enivid

    Improving XenForo Database Backup Speed?

    Hello all! Our forum got pretty large and with 160k+ posts it takes quite a long time to backup the database. Is there any guide or tips for improving the database backup speed for XenForo? We are using XF 2.2 with MariaDB 10.1.
  10. S

    XF 2.2 Need help in building the query to get the list of forums with post permission for a user

    We need to custom build a template to list all the forums a user has access to Post. Need help in the following areas, 1. What should be the query to get the details and which table will have the post permission and forums mapping 2. we are aware of building the template with static content or...
  11. Napalm_beach

    XF 2.1 DROP command denied to user

    I've got an error in my admin CP that indicates the mysql user must have a DROP table command available. Before I activate that I want to make sure this requirement is a legit part of maintaining the forums and not some script kiddie trying to ruin my life. Thanks for your help...
  12. Mouth

    3GB DB mysqldump import failure, MySQL -> MariaDB

    I am attempting to migrate to a new hosting provider, thus mysqldump on the source for DB backup and mysql import on the target. On disk, my MySQL 5.7 source DB is 5.0GB and the mysqldump file is 3GB, thus importing the 3GB .sql into the target server with MariaDB 10.6 mysqldump with...
  13. B

    XF 2.2 How to get MySQL information for Xenforo Installation with Cpanel

    Simple installation, until I hit the MySQL information. How does one to get the MySQL data with Cpanel, I've read that Cpanel gives it to you and others that you have to create it yourself?
  14. fahad ashraf

    XF 2.2 Pagination issue

    i am facing strange issue on pagination if am i getting record without limit with order then i am getting all record but if i am doing pagination 100 in one page then there is 2 record missing that is really strange why record is missing please someone guide me Thanks
  15. N

    MySQL 5.6 to MySQL 5.7 update on exsisting Xenforo 2.1

    Hi, I have Xenforo running on a Centos Cpanel server with MySQL 5.6. I would like to update to MySQL 5.7 but I am wondering if I should consider anything or if there can be any problem updating MySQL for an existing Xenforo forum.
  16. XenForo

    Developer IDE and server software setup guides

    Here at XenForo, we like to keep our development environments up-to-date and as useful as possible, and from time to time we include some of our findings in our online documentation. Recently, we've published an easy setup guide for a Windows-based development environment and now we've added...
  17. Wildcat Media

    Beta Delete private conversations in bulk.

    Did a staff member accidentally send out a bulk private conversation to the forum membership? That happened with us. As a result, we had over 39,000 private conversations all originating from one user, not only clogging up his inbox, but getting into the inboxes of all the forum members who...
  18. fahad ashraf

    XF 2.2 Unicode enable error

    Anybody please help me how i can fixed it unicode error
  19. Mr. Jinx

    max_user_connections (30) exceeded messages

    Lately I'm getting these max_user_connections exceeded messages from MySQL. I asked my hosting provider if they could raise the limit. However, they told me that only in very rare situations you would need 30+ connections. Even for extremely busy sites, 30 should be more than enough. Most...
  20. J

    XF 2.0 MySQL high CPU usage since upgrade

    Since upgrading to the latest release, MySQL has been pegged at 100%. Anyone else?
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