XF 2.2 Need help in building the query to get the list of forums with post permission for a user

We need to custom build a template to list all the forums a user has access to Post. Need help in the following areas,
1. What should be the query to get the details and which table will have the post permission and forums mapping
2. we are aware of building the template with static content or with the details that are readily available but need some guidance on how to integrate the custom backend code in case of a new template.

Thanks in advance


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  1. You should look at the XF/Repository/Node, a mix of the getFullNodeList function and the getNodeList function (to see how to filter based on user permissions) should do the job.
  2. That's pretty broad. It depends where you are working the code on. I mean in an existing page, in a custom page, in a widget...