1. FoxSecrets

    XF 2.2 How to load template in overlay

    When I try to load a template in the overlay it doesn't work, but when I open the url directly it works. How to correctly load a template in overlay? Can someone give me a light? What I've done so far: LINK: <a href="admin.php?my-template" data-xf-click="overlay">See all items</a> TEMPLATE...
  2. Joao Prates

    XF 2.2 Edit BB code media site with different URL endings before {$id}

    Hi, I'm trying to create a custom BB code for Tidal, and I already got it working for tracks using this match url https://tidal.com/browse/track/{$id:alphanum} and using this code: <div class="bbMediaWrapper" data-media-site-id="{$siteId}" data-media-key="{$id}"> <div...
  3. scskmg

    XF 2.2 Extension & customization work on own style (problems with next update?)

    hi XF community As a newcomer to XF, I've come a little further u and not entirely unhappy about it :). After the coloring I am now steadily expanding the forum and some third party extensions are added. Currently, I'm getting a little uneasy and questions arise for me whether I have configured...
  4. V

    XF 2.2 Tag list in article extended view

    I would like to see the small list of tags as seen under the title in thread view or in the regular list with the meta group the same way in the extended article view. (Some of this may be added by an addon, but I just need to find the template and position to add that to). The code to be...
  5. Condado Braveheart

    XF 2.2 Render anonymous template

    Hi, there! We're developing a portal to our forum. In this system, admins can create dynamically theirs columns using the XF template syntax or an existing template. Here's a simple example: Note: The Código field is saved to the database as a varchar. When the system calls the columns to...
  6. questlot

    XF 2.2 How To Place Ads Inside First Post Paragraphe

    Is there any way I can post ads on a thread in between the content? e.g Threads content first paragraph text.................................... advert Thread next line paragraph content text........................... What template to edit or conditional to use to achieve the above? Thanks.
  7. M

    Style I want a style XF2

    Hey, I'm looking for a style similar to these here: https://gyazo.com/52a8cf480750902cba94954706080bed https://web.archive.org/web/20181220044936/https://skylands.no/articles/ https://gyazo.com/aee3d32e05fd01d4a88dc26d90412863 https://web.archive.org/web/20180902000822/https://pvpheroes.no/...
  8. S

    XF 2.2 Need help in building the query to get the list of forums with post permission for a user

    We need to custom build a template to list all the forums a user has access to Post. Need help in the following areas, 1. What should be the query to get the details and which table will have the post permission and forums mapping 2. we are aware of building the template with static content or...
  9. G

    XF 2.2 Custom Template 2.x - memberInfo Tooltip Question

    Working on custom template but having issue with where to edit color for bottom on memberInfo tooltip dialog that pops up when hovering over a member's username. Not sure if this can be edited in the template editor or custom edit needs done elsewhere. I can set the background-color: #000; for...
  10. Wanji

    XF 2.2 'extra.less' gone

    'extra.less' gone, what should I do?
  11. lobanz

    XF 2.2 How to use CAPTCHA in an addon's template?

    Hi! Having a grand time developing my first addon for XF 2. Can't find anything on these in the Community forums or the docs. If they ARE there, I'd appreciate a reference. Need to use a captcha in a template. Didn't see any <xf:captcha> or macro available. Any guidance on how to best do this...
  12. ⭐ Alex ⭐

    XF 2.2 Can I Use A Macro To Store A Template Variable?

    There is an array that I use throughout templates and it would seem reasonable to use a macro to store it as the documentation states: "use a macro any place you want to produce the same thing multiple times in multiple different files". I would like to then be able to pass it to a callback...
  13. Earl

    XF 2.2 Important places to note when you need to understand template extensions, and how they get used practically.

    Hi, I've been trying to understand how this mechanism really works in the practical world since the beginning, It looks clear when you read @Kier 's examples, but when you dig into the real-world code, you might find lots of gray arias that you couldn't understand. This thing was a bit tricky to...
  14. ⭐ Alex ⭐

    Lack of interest Side-by-side comparison option for Template Merging

    It would be nice if the "Merge" button on templates had an option for "Side by Side" merging. I find the all in one difficult to understand. As you can see here is a photo of the current all in one merger for the update to XF 2.2: There isn't a clear sign of what was added in 2.2 and what...
  15. Earl

    XF 2.1 How to access style id from template? $xf.style.id does'nt work

    {{ dump($xf) }} shows this: {{ dump($xf.style) }} shows this: but {{ dump($xf.style.id) }} shows null: I'm confused o_O
  16. Mian Shahid

    XF 2.1 Batch templates Modification

    Hi, can anyone tel me the easiest way to change a set of 2 constant words for example itd(itdarasgah from morethen 200 templates at once? either from XF ACP or phpMyadmin. Creating one template modification for 200+ templates is not an easy task :unsure: :unsure: :unsure: Thanks in Advance
  17. xSean

    XF 2.0 Converting PHP to XF Template

    After some issues where an SQL server was completely lost, and am now in the process of getting things in working order again. While the original forum files were recoverable (and so all edited templates, addons, etc), they are in PHP files which don't exactly allow an easy copy/paste into the...
  18. alsoGAMER

    XF 2.1 Authy OneTouch doesn't work anymore

    I don't know what is the cause of the problem because the same key was working well before the reinstall of xf.. Here the server error logged: ErrorException: Template error: Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string internal_data/code_cache/templates/l2/s4/public/error.php:13...
  19. panghao

    XF 2.1 blank page after import template

    I got blank page after installing the template. try re-upload and import the template, still got a blank page. and switch back to default template, still got a blank page. any solution ? thanks!
  20. szymme

    XF 2.1 Rewrite Style

    Hey, If I rewrite style for an single page, the style will load (and it will be shown on the buttom as style) but if I click on register... the main style from register template will load. When I choose on the buttom again the "to rewritten style", than it works normally and the register...
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