XF 2.0 Converting PHP to XF Template


After some issues where an SQL server was completely lost, and am now in the process of getting things in working order again.

While the original forum files were recoverable (and so all edited templates, addons, etc), they are in PHP files which don't exactly allow an easy copy/paste into the ACP's template editor.

I can just edit the PHP file though and paste the old data into the new/default file, but it does not update within the ACP. It does however actually work on the site.

Is there any way to force the ACP to also recognize the changes to the PHP file or just a different route that can get the PHP into a template-like format?
It appears you were able to recover your files, which is good. The issue is the sql database (which you mentioned was completely lost) is where your templates and all data information for XenForo is stored. This information is not written out to files, it is rendered when the page is requested.

If what you cannot recover your database for XenForo you will unfortunately be starting from scratch. Hopefully you or your host have database backups available.
No backups, we actually thought the host was doing automated backups... which turned out to not be the case.

Honestly I'm thinking I'll just replace the php version of the template within code_cache and changing its permissions to be unable to be written to.

Because having to try and get:
        $__finalCompiled .= '
        $__compilerTemp1 = '';
        $__compilerTemp1 .= '
        if ($__templater->isTraversable($__vars

into its XF Template counterpart is... not fun.
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