1. charlesfoote13

    XF 2.0 Regarding custom coding

    Hello, I have a query regarding creating a new page. I want to create a custom page and what to use the database query to fetch the data from database
  2. D

    XF 2.1 Login Authenticate form PHP may cause BIG ISSUE

    Good morning, currently I'm experiencing issues with my website (almost hitting 96% of Physical Memory Usage) and I'm trying to resolve the issue. Given that I have a need to do external authentication of users from a PHP form, I suppose there is an incorrect method of calling some XenForo...
  3. xSean

    XF 2.0 Converting PHP to XF Template

    After some issues where an SQL server was completely lost, and am now in the process of getting things in working order again. While the original forum files were recoverable (and so all edited templates, addons, etc), they are in PHP files which don't exactly allow an easy copy/paste into the...
  4. alsoGAMER

    XF 2.1 For what "exec" and "proc_open" are used by Xenforo?

    I own a vps with this and more other functions disabled using php.ini and i would to know for what are used
  5. alsoGAMER

    XF 2.1 Error while loading the forum and the acp

    Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Argument 1 passed to XF\Extension::__construct() must be of the type array, bool given, called in /var/www/mc-security/src/XF/App.php on line 1452 and defined in /var/www/mc-security/src/XF/Extension.php:12 Stack trace: #0...
  6. Ali Ahmed

    XF 2.1 Rebuild User Cache with Cron Job

    hi I'm not very friendly to xenforo development source, its MVC model and etc.. So I'm building externally from xenforo such as subdomain and then using php and ajax from my xenforo forum for controlling my plugin (Don't ask me to use xenforo method of code, because I'm not good at all)...
  7. Xiomera

    XF 2.1 Make variable available in template from php file

    I would like to display an additional value for every thread in the thread view and the thread list (forum view), which i calculate with an php function. My problem: what is the best way to make a variable useable in an tempalte from an php file? And How? I found 2 solutions. The callback tag...
  8. eva2000

    PHP 7.1.28, 7.2.17, 7.3.4 releases

    Heads up for Centmin Mod users here, there are security update releases for PHP 7.1.28, 7.2.17 and 7.3.4 released now and I have also backported the security fixes to PHP 5.6.40 and 7.0.33 EOL releases. You're want to be on Centmin Mod 123.09beta01 at least for proper PHP 7.1+ support and have...
  9. CMTV

    Criteria Builder 1.0.0

    Description If you ever tried to create a trophy, you probably noticed "User criteria" tab. It allows you to set some conditions (number of posted messages, for example), which users must met to be awarded with your trophy. There are some other systems that use XenForo's criteria system...
  10. Fastmancz

    XF 2.0 How to easily insert PHP code without creating addons?

    Hello, I like to use standard PHP, but unfortunately I don't know how to use framework. Can you tell me, please, how to insert easily PHP code to this frame? Originally I wanted to create an addon, but it seems to me complicated (I just want to insert a PHP code that will read Xenforo data -...
  11. eva2000

    PHP coding help to boost Xenforo PHP Performance Via PGO training

    I am not a PHP coder, so posting this hear in hopes of some folks being interested in helping to boost Xenforo PHP 7+ performance via Profile Guided Optimization training. @Chris D @Kier @Mike @Jake Bunce @MattW @Brent W @Xon @Andy.N @DeltaHF @CarpCharacin @BoostN @SneakyDave @NixFifty @Steve F...
  12. Alpha1

    Is XF 1.5 compatible with PHP 7.3?

    Are there any deprecations or other issues with PHP 7.3? Has anyone tried yet?
  13. CMTV

    Implemented Plain not-wrapped php for <xf:codeeditorrow...

    The suggestion is simple: add a new mode called php-plain to the list of CodeMirror supported languages with text/x-php mime type. This can be useful for addon creators who want to add php editor rows in their addon.
  14. P

    XF 2.0 Upgrade system login?

    Hey Xenforo forum! I'm new here and I hope I'm in the right section - I got a real problem! :(:) I ran into an issue while trying to create an API / REST API for your software. After I set up the Autoloader XenForo_Autoloader::getInstance()->setupAutoloader(ROOT . '/library'); Xenforo...
  15. P

    XF 2.0 <xf:callbac> shows error when I want call PHP file

    I just created this file in library/MyCard/index.php and added this code in it class CardCoontroller{ public static function getCard() { return 'test data'; } } and in edit template -> member_view added this code <xf:callback class="CardCoontroller"...
  16. thinkdiff

    Not a bug <xf:callbac> has bug I think

    I just created this file in library/MyCard/index.php and added this code in it class CardCoontroller{ public static function getCard() { return 'test data'; } } and in edit template -> member_view added this code <xf:callback class="CardCoontroller"...
  17. J

    First Time Configuration On GoDaddy

    I have GoDaddy webhosting (Deluxe Web Hosting Windows) and am attempting to set up my first Xenforo forum. Following the instructions for installation of XenForo 2, I point my browser to the install folder and get this error: "PHP 5.4.0 or newer is required. 5.3.6 does not meet this...
  18. T

    XF 2.0 Save the Input from a custom display Location

    Hello, that's a repost because @S Thomas said that my first post is simply to long to understand my problem. Since the last week I'm trying to add a new display location for some input fields in the account settings location. I want to add for example a new location for a first name. Everything...
  19. T

    XF 2.0 How can I save the input which was written into a custom display location?

    Hello xenforo community! Wasn't here for a long time but because I've got summer holidays I'm finally able to work on my forum style again.. Problem: I've created a new Display Location for a custom user field (settings in my example). Into this display location I've tried to add a new input...
  20. Earth2Luke

    [Payment Profiles] and [User Upgrades] An unexpected database error occurred.

    I've been tinkering with the built-in Xenforo 2.0 "Payment Profiles" and "User Upgrades" however, I'm running into a small problem... At least when going through the process via PayPal. The goal: The goal is to have a $5.00 monthly subscription to allow the members to become a donor, which...