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Arno Nühm

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I set an affiliate link for Amazon. That was kind of easy.

Now I would like to do the same for eBay-Links. How would I set this up?


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@Siropu hey mate! I have a small layout question for popup ads. I would like to hide the Popup title from showing in the overlays. How should I go about achieving this?


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Does this allow full reporting on clicks, impressions etc.. because I don't see them in the OP screenshots.

Can this system also be configured to have ads running outside of XF? We got Wordpress which is in root, and XF is in /forums/ directory?
If so, does it have clicks/impressions/views/... statistics to report on that area as well?

We have our WP<->XF bridge with XenWord.


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If I use the keyword replace feature, how can I set the link to open in the same window?
(because in my case I'd like to use this to link keywords to specific pages on my site)



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Hi @Siropu

The ads manager doesn't seem to be saving the page criteria.

I try to select "Page is NOT within nodes" but it doesn't save.

I then accidentally hit "Page is within nodes", and it saved, but now the ad is showing on the one page I didn't even want it to show on. Every time i try to uncheck the "Page is within nodes" and hit save, I go back in and it's checked again. Its not saving.


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If you are using a package and the ad is inheriting is settings, the changes must be done in the package instead.


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When someone is purchasing an ad via paypal, it doesn't seem to be updated once the paypal payment goes through. It still says pending payment.
Is this an IPN issue?