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For sticky threads, be able to select a default prefix in acp settings for the purchased sticky ads. This is useful for classified ad situations where we may want to mark ads as "Featured" or similar, which are also stickied. The prefix should be removed when it is unstuck.
Should also be available for promo threads, to mark "Sponsored" etc. with a prefix determined by admin in the settings. Removed upon expiry.


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@Siropu I just purchased and installed this mod and I have run into a problem. I have created a few packages in the ACP, but when i got to the UCP ads manager, I do not see the packages I just created?


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Ok now I have that sorted out, the banner ad place holder i had set has now vanished. It will not show up.

i had it set globally above top breadcrumb

edit: I have checked all settings and still no idea why the banners now won't show up anywhere?
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Casa Ivar

I just added a text add to the email template (added the code that was given). And now I get this error :

  • Macro email:siropu_ads_manager_ad_macros :: ad_unit() error: Macro argument ads is required and no value was provided

Casa Ivar

Added how? Email ads only work with the available email ad positions.
I created a text ad in the "Above email content" position... got this code:

<xf:macro template="siropu_ads_manager_ad_macros" name="ad_unit" arg-position="mail_above_content" />

And added it to the email template that I wanted the ad to show up in. I have the same code in 3 different email templates. It seems to work, the ad shows up and all, but I get this error in the admin panel.

"Macro email:siropu_ads_manager_ad_macros :: ad_unit() error: Macro argument ads is required and no value was provided"

I may not have done this correctly... :) If not, what did I do wrong?

Thank you!


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deleted the package ads, ads still shows.
If you delete the ad, there is no way it will still display since the ad is created when the page loads without touching the actual post in the database.Enable admin option "Enable ad actions" to see which ad is that. If you don't see anything next to that ad, is not from the add-on.


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We have a few licenses for this add-on and it works great. However, we're running into something and I can't figure out a way to do it directly within Ads Manager. We have a vendor who has their own impression tag (A tracking pixel), but their actual ad graphic is just a file on our server. So we can obviously upload a banner ad using Ads Manager, but there is no way to add a snippet for a tracking pixel to be rendered next to the ad. The only way to do this is to make an HTML ad, upload the graphic via FTP to our server, then manually build out the <a><img src="pathtoad.jpg"></a><img src="tracking_pixel_url"> and this is both cumbersome, and difficult for forum administrators to handle.

Am I missing something somewhere? Is it possible to upload a banner ad and simultaneously output a snippet for tracking impressions with the remote ad server?


Does this addon have an option to force Adsense anchor ads to display from the bottom of a page on mobile devices?