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Is it possible to display ads where indicated in the screenshot attached for desktop devices with wide enough screens?


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Joe Link

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I see that this has positions for @Bob's AMS. Any chance we can get positions added for Bob's CAS add-on (particularly, the ability to show an ad after every X number of ads on index and category pages)?


can you please answer is this doable or not with ads manager
i need to show link to all threads within a thread (standard ads manager positions) with the same tag
i know there is a position criteria for a specific tag which doesnt fit my needs
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Yes, of course.
I just found out ads were disabled on the page_view template 😣
I've wasted so much time on this...

Problem solved!
Where did you see that page_view was disabled?
@Siropu I can't seem to get any positions working when editing template xfrm_resource_view


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Guys, what do you guys think about advertisements in the alert section?
It's noticeable enough since it's commonly used but it's super subtle and doesn't frustrate users much.

Can't find anything like other than one addon (dev seemed to have abandoned it). Thought it would be a great feature for Siropu's addon.

Wait, is this it?

How do I go about setting the "x" value?
Kind of confused how this works.
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