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It is a normal thread it just allows you as an admin to sell threads in some forums where users can't post them directly.
Oh! Neat. And they can be made sticky too so in essence, I can sell stickies in forums where users have no permission. As promo threads.
Im trying to setup an ad. I want to put placeholder ads up and have potential advertisers buy them without me being involved. Where do I find the instructions on how to use the mod? Certainly there must be instructions somewhere.
I had to figure it out by trial and error, but it works well. I'm not aware of documentation.

I use it for a lot of things, even for holiday banners in specific areas on top bar and over widget sidebar, rules for certain specific forums, special banners that ONLY show to unregistered guests - encouraging them to register with a link to do so, etc.

That said, I'm probably using 10% of what it can do.

My primary use is to let (pre approved and added to a special usergroup by me) vendors purchase banners, completely on their own. It lets them pick a term which has graduated discounts, upload their art, point to a url, pick alt text, etc. It then sends the ad to me for approval. Once I approve it, it invoices them directly, and they pay directly with CC or Paypal. Their ad goes live immediately. This is all built in functionality, as long as you have a payment vendor already set up in Xenforo.

In the above example, I'm selling a suite of 728x90 banners. I have the banners randomly rotate, with all other advertisers, in positions such as the top and bottom of each page (above content, below content), as well as after every 5th post. (below every 5th thread post container) I set this up as a PACKAGE, under BANNERS.

For package BASIC SETTINGS, I have:
Name: "Banner Suite Pkg 728x90", POSITIONS (above content, below content, below every 5th thread post container) (Control+ click each)

For package SETTINGS, I have:
BLOCK, CENTER alignment, 728x90 UNIT SIZE, RANDOM ad order, Limit 1, Count views and clicks are ON, NO FOLLOW, Open in new tab.

For package ADVERTISING, I have:
728x90 ALLOWED SIZE, 20 Maximum Ads, AD COST $150 USD PER MONTH (example/not what I have), MIN 1 month, MAX 24 months, (term) Discounts (24mo/60%, 12mo/40%, 6mo/20%), Package description and guidelines TEXT of your own, You can put a preview image if you wish, You can define a usergroup that has access to buy ads, and a usergroup that will they will be set to automatically ONLY when their ad is live. (love this, because I use it to put a banner on their posts that they are a sponsoring vendor, and market them with special targeted banners)

So there you have an example of how to set up a PACKAGE.

The banners themselves can be set to just use the PACKAGE settings. You can even offer multiple packages, if you wish. When you create an ad (or a customer), it will set it up within the above package parameters.

Like I mentioned, this is just one small example of how it CAN be used. I'm sure others are doing much more with it. I do it this way on two Xenforo forums, and it has been a huge success. Most folks go for the longest term/biggest discount, which I have set up to be pre paid.

It works VERY well once you get that package set up, and give it a try. :)

You asked about putting banners in the slots that you want to sell. I do that too, but only approved vendors are set to see them. (and currently active vendors are set NOT to see them) I have one regular banner in the rotation, advertising the banner system, and the link leads to the sign up screen (ADS MANAGER). I have them all randomly shared, not married to just one position, so it may appear in any of the above places.

I hope this is helpful to get started, and to experiment with it.

Good luck!
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Hi there, can we insert adsense for example after 3rd and 5th paragraphs? Is it OK with this modification?

Hi :)
Right after launching a new ad we started getting the following error:
  • ErrorException: Template error: Cannot call method isInCarousel on a non-object (boolean) src/XF/Template/Templater.php:984
Any idea what the issue could be?
I would like to create ad space and place a banner that says advertise here however just cannot make this happen. What am I missing?

I'm thinking I'm going to have to hire somebody to set this mod up. Way too complicated to not have instructions.
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What am I missing?
First make sure that user group permissions have been set ("View ads" for registered and unregistered/unconfirmed user groups and "Create ads" for registered user group).
Make sure that the package has enabled the "Enable placeholder" option and "Enable package for advertisers" is checked.
The package must have a price set.

If you still can't see the banner, try disabling "Enable image lazy loading" in Ads Manager [General] admin options.
I'm getting a lot of these errors with some of my code ads:
Refused to execute script from 'ABC123' because its MIME type ('image/gif') is not executable.

I did have the 'Allowed banner types' GIF box unchecked, but I checked it and it had not gone away. I don't get this on my dev site, just on live. Is there some cache I need to clear for this add-on?
Is there a suggestions forum for this add-on? Am I just missing it?

Can you auto add rel="noopener" to an href when target="_blank" is used? Info Here

Is there an easy way to add this in a template now?
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