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Ads Manager 2 by Siropu [Paid] 2.4.22

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I have change the banned images with my own, i get now:

data/avatars/siropu/eub/l.png Unexpected contents
data/avatars/siropu/eub/m.png Unexpected contents
data/avatars/siropu/eub/s.png Unexpected contents

How can i fix this
Siropu updated Ads Manager 2 by Siropu with a new update entry:

Improvements & Bug Fixes

Added a new position called "Node list above node x title" that when used with alignment set to "Right" it will display the ad to the right side of the node title and description.

Expanded the "backup ad" to work as a backup when adsense ads are unfilled.

Bugs Fixed
Fixed an issue with user signature positions.
Fixed an issue with AdBlock detection.

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In regards to Core JF File Path where we can move the core.min.js file found in js/siropu/am/ local directory to another directory. When filling this area can we use an http link? If not, would the following work if I created a new directly named, say, am2?:


Would that make sense? Can the file name be changed?
If you enable click stats, you can view who clicked.
Thank you, yes I saw that.
But then I have a list of users. is there a way to get them automatically into a list (instead of doing it by hand) and then batch update them to a group,
or target other ads specifically to them?
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