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Ads Manager 2 by Siropu [Paid] 2.4.3

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@Siropu please introduce an instruction to your FAQ on how to upgrade from v2.1 to v2.2 without losing the data
I am not 100% sure know what to do and in what order. like
1. disable plugin,
2. upgrade xenforo to v.2.2
3. install zip-file of v2.2-version of the plugin

most of my plugins are compatible with v2.1 AND v2.2 - but yours doesn't seem to been as there are separate download buttons in my licence panel

thank you



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You can upgrade to XF 2.2 and won't have any issues with the add-on. Once you have done that, you can upgrade to the latest Ads Manager version.


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@Siropu, could you extend the affiliate links options, so profile post comments and signatures are also covered.

Or even better: Do a conversion for all links the are parsed (optional).


What happens with the AdBlock backups? I can't be able to do it works, because nothing is showing when AdBlock is enabled.


Tom McIntyre

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I am having difficulty positioning ads on my forum. The desired design is pretty simple with a single AdSense banner ad above the footer and a sequence of ads in the right sidebar that need to appear in the proper order.

We use the top ad slot in the sidebar for a link to our rules document. Below that is a premium 275 x 275 ad that should be responsive. The next slot is for our Public Service Announcements about our school and museum activities that should cycle the population of PSA's, below that is an AdSense location that will have a population of ads that rotate through it as they are sold by Google.

My biggest problem is the seemingly simple task of location to AdSense position at the bottom goes almost all the way to the bottom of the page instead of hovering just below the variable content such as Forum List or Forums/Categories.

The problem is very similar in the sidebar where the AdSense ad displays above the premium ad slot sold locally and then pops back down, but never below the PSA local ads,

It seems as though the sideboard contents are being built in real time (probably due to lazy loading) and I just do not understand how to recognize the template locations for the ad elements when I am pasting them in.

I thought I understood the priority and position values when displaying multiple ads in the same location but I am no longer confident.

Is there a manual somewhere on how these setting and elements work? I am getting pretty lost.

Tom McIntyre

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I have disabled lazy loading to simplify the display background process. I now have four ads displaying in the top sidebar position. Three are. code ads and one is a banner ad. I finally decided that the problem could be that the ad types have an inherent priority that overrides to position setting.

I changed the banner ad to a code ad and it resolved the problem. If there is a position hierarchy among the ad types it should be documented. I was using a banner type ad because it had only an image and a link, so it was easier. It also allowed me to have multiple images for each ad that seemed like it would be useful.


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@Siropu Is it possible to display an ad in a custom location? I run a custom add-on on our website, like this example:

And I would like to display an ad just above the "LOCATIE" container in the bottom half of the page. Is that possible?

Same applies to the index of the classifieds add-on:
Can I add one or two custom ads in that list?


Try changing the CSS classes for ad unit and ad item in Ads Manager [General] admin options. Some adblockers have started to target the CSS class used by the add-on.
Tried and it is not working. The problem is the plugin is not detecting AdBlock, so is trying to load the banner instead of the ad message backup.


Mr Lucky

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I'm not sure since which version, but am now fing an ad is not obeying the page criteria of not displaying in the chosen node.

The only criteria set for that ad is this

Screenshot 2020-10-28 at 12.33.47.png

But it still displays in that node (reviews)

I'm sure this worked fine when I first set iyt up a few weeks back (version??)


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Try changing the CSS classes for ad unit and ad item in Ads Manager [General] admin options. Some adblockers have started to target the CSS class used by the add-on.

I forgot this feature existed and am playing with it. Similarly, not working for me. I changed all the CSS classes in the General settings, and re-saved the .less file in templates.

I was testing in iOS. I downloaded Adguard, which just happened to be the first content blocker I found when searching for adblock.

I'll test some more on my laptop.