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Big shout out to fahad ashraf for the great work on a custom plugin. Stayed on a tight budget, great price and the plugin works flawlessly. Most importantly, the communication was perfect, frequent and never once had to beg or chase him down! Easy...


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This guy is by far the best developer I have came across. Within 5 minutes of posting a request he was straight on it. Took him a few hours to install and customise 3 addons! Unbelievable. Will definately use again! Thanks so much Fahad!


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Fahad created a custom add-on for me.

  • Not the cheapest
  • English is not his native language which can create some confusion sometimes.

  • Fast! The custom add-on was pretty comprehensive but still delivered quicker then expected.
  • Pro-active and cooperating. Nice!
  • Availability. Whenever I have a question, the answer comes quickly.

All in all: the pros outweigh the cons. Recommended.


@fahad ashraf Created a custom addon for me and added a feature to another one I sorely needed. It took him no time at all and he did great work. He also got back to my messages quickly, which was super nice. He is very open to discussions so I never had to worry he wouldn't get back to me. I plan to request his services again soon because I trust him.


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I'll be blunt: @fahad ashraf is the hardest working guy on this website. He will absolutely finish your project, he'll talk with you on Skype and draw mockups until he fully understands your vision, and he'll deliver on time.

I've been running forums for nearly 20 years and have never found anyone as reliable or as eager to help as @fahad ashraf. If you're reading this you know that contract developers are flakes, they typically respond slowly and put projects off for weeks, but not fahad. He's gotten out of bed to fix an error with an add-on after I called, he's honest about his limits as a developer, he's eager, and he makes sure it's done right. After working on 17 projects with me, he typically finishes early and when he's late it's never more than a few days.

Hire him before some tech company snaps him up.
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Fahad knows his way around Xenforo, and he has created an extensive addon for me that works very well. It is not 100% finished yet, but so far I am impressed with his work.