Fixed Able to Send Author Alerts When Deleting Profile Posts or Profile Post Comments


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Now that this has been introduced in XenForo 1.5, are we supposed to be able to send author alerts here on XenForo Community? Was that intentionally set like that or should only moderators be able to do it?

XF Profile Post Delete.PNG

XF Profile Post Comment Delete.PNG

Daniel Hood

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I kind of feel like either way it shouldn't show up due to the fact you are the author and won't receive the alert. Same as thread "notify author of this action" options. Aside from that though, I definitely think that's an oversight. It is funny you post a real (likely) bug in the general discussion section and phrase typos in the bug section though ;).


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There are permissions setup to allow users to manage their own profile and delete other people's profile posts on their profile. I'm guessing those permissions where reused when profile comments where expanded and fleshed out.


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The logic with author alerts has generally been if you're not the content owner (or you're taking a "moderator-level" action), you can send the alert. There isn't an explicit permission over this.

However, as mentioned, the ability to manage others posts on your profile is what's triggering this. We'll likely need to check another permission to determine if you can send author alerts.


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This has been fixed now. We check some moderator level permissions before showing the alert option. (It will roll out here shortly.)
What permissions are required so that mods can see the "Notify author of this action" option when deleting posts? I would like only some mods to be able to see it.

Chris D

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This will show for moderators who have the delete any or edit any permissions. With that in mind, there's not actually a way to allow a moderator to edit or delete the posts without them seeing the option to send an alert.