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  1. K

    Profile Posts Widget: New Comments Indicator/Comments Count on Simple Display Style

    Ok so this is a rather pedantic request but I'm asking anyways: I'd love it if it was more obvious on the profile posts widget on the simple display style when new comments are posted on a profile post which are featured on the front page. It's not obvious at all when there is and even a comment...
  2. Glockie

    Duplicate Profile status and reply posts, edit history and mod logs..

    Hi all, I'd like to offer a suggestion on member profiles. When a user creates a status update and it is edited for whatever reason, there are no logs under tools > moderator logs. The same applies to any replies to that status - if edited too. There are no logs. Also there is no history...
  3. Amaury

    Lack of interest Stay on Current Page When Moderating Profile Posts

    Currently, if you delete a profile post on page six of your profile, it will redirect you back to the first page. It would be much more helpful if you stayed on, in this case, page six, just like how if you delete a thread on page two of a forum, you will still be on page two. The page...
  4. Tim Jay

    Add-on Sticky a sidebar profile post

    My forum has a lot of activity with profile posts (400+ daily) . I would like the ability to choose a profile post and sticky it on the front page sidebar with a custom icon (like a star or thumbtack). If this is difficult I am willing to support the project to have something custom made.
  5. nanocode

    Unmaintained [n] Profile Post Limits 1.0.0

    This add-on allows you to control the limitations on profile posts that are hardcoded into the core. This is FOSS software by nanocode, licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. Fork me on GitHub! Features: Change the profile post character limit, 140 by default (twitter style) Change the...
  6. creativeforge

    XF 1.5 Profile Posts - remove, modify text area from "Profile Page?"

    When we click on a member's avatar, the pop-up has a link to Profile Page. On that Profile Page, there is a text area under Profile Posts right at the top. It says "Write something." This is often confusing as people believe this to be a kind of shoutbox or PM to the member. But we end up...
  7. Amaury

    Lack of interest Add Overview to New Profile Posts Block

    I think having an overview could be useful for various reasons, such as if you have a slow connection and it's more trouble than it's worth to open an overlay. Not a perfect mock-up, but it gets the point across:
  8. Amaury

    As designed Profile Status on Member Profile (Upper Area) and Member Card Does Not Adhere to Permissions

    This might be as designed, but here goes. Profile statuses count as profile posts, but yet, they aren't hidden in the upper area of profiles (with the gender, age, etc.) and on member cards when you deny profile post visibility to a user group. This is what my profile looks like with profile...
  9. Daniel Hood

    Lack of interest Watch Profile Post

    I'd like the ability to receive alerts for new comments on a profile post without first commenting on it. I might be interested in where a conversation is headed without having a comment to make yet.
  10. Amaury

    Fixed Search Results - Profile Post Comments

    I've reported sort of the same thing here before; it was marked Won't Fix. This time it's a single phrase, though, and it's just a matter of sentence case or title case consistency. For profile posts, it's Profile post by X for X, but for profile post comments, it's Profile Post Comment by X...
  11. Amaury

    Fixed Able to Send Author Alerts When Deleting Profile Posts or Profile Post Comments

    Now that this has been introduced in XenForo 1.5, are we supposed to be able to send author alerts here on XenForo Community? Was that intentionally set like that or should only moderators be able to do it?
  12. BassMan

    Unmaintained [cXF] Update Status on New Profile Posts 1.1.0

    Description: This add-on will move the update status form in dropdown menu on new profile posts page to a visible form. Extra feature: autofocus to start typing right after page load visible user avatar See screenshots for more information about options. < before installation > < after...
  13. BassMan

    [cXF] Update Status on New Profile Posts

    BassMan submitted a new resource: Update Status on New Profile Posts - Add visible update status form to new profile posts page with new features Read more about this resource...
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