1. N

    Highlight Content per Usergroup

    Nicolas FR submitted a new resource: Highlight Content per Usergroup - Highlight content from Staff, banned members or 4 user groups of your choice. Read more about this resource...
  2. N

    Unmaintained Highlight Content per Usergroup 2023-04-19

    In just a few clicks highlight content (discussions and messages) from different user groups: Staff content Banned users content (useful for quickly spotting it on large forums) 4 user groups of your choice You can choose to highlight only threads, only messages, or both. Discussions can be...
  3. O

    XF 2.2 Usergroup Configuration

    We recently moved to XF and we're now in the process of configuring the usergroups. As confusing as it sounds in the beginning we now somehow understand that XF's default groups (Registered, Moderating, Administrative) act as 'roles' and we should never treat them as standalone group. We have 2...
  4. T

    XF 2.2 Allowing users to change their user group

    On my forum I have multiple secondary user groups and they are stackable. How can I enable my users the ability to switch between each group? I noticed after upgrading my forum to the latest version the ability is no longer there. It was in the users preferences settings page.
  5. D

    XF 2.2 Match color to poster's usergroup's

    Hi! I'm trying to do a: .message-name a{ text-decoration:underline; text-decoration-color: idkwhatgoeshere ; } and have the underline color match the user's name color. any idea how i can grab the poster's color?
  6. B

    XF 2.1 Unregistered / Unconfirmed user group deleted

    hi I have mistakenly deleted "Unregistered / Unconfirmed" user group and i created it again but user group permisstions does not work any help needed.
  7. Anime-Fall

    Vbulletin Features [Does Xenforo have them?] Usergroup/Rank/Titles

    On Vbulletin admincp, there is the usergroup section, ranks section, and titles section. Basically i tend to use these and based on members posts # or reputation or a combination of both, the member rank gets upgraded. Example Can Xenforo 2.x do this ? and automatically update via crons
  8. Yugensoft

    Should user permissions be primarily cumulative on usergroups or absolute on usergroup?

    Currently users get their rights cumulatively based on the plural usergroups they are assigned to, rather than based on the group of rights assigned to their primary usergroup (i.e. which can in turn be duplicated and extended upon in new usergroups). In your opinion or experience based on...
  9. electrogypsy

    XF 1.5 user change log - constantly changing user groups?

    hey, i was wondering if someone could answer this question for me. i've noticed that in the 'user change log' of xf that almost all users are changing user groups fairly constantly. here's an example: not all, but a lot of the changes are occurring at twenty minutes after the hour, which...
  10. B

    Add Usergroup to User After Viewing a Page?

    Is it possible in the PAGE NODE function (using the callback function) to add a usergroup to a user after that user has viewed a page node? Is there is a simple code? Or is this more complicated to do? I'm looking to add a usergroup to users based on upon their viewing of a page. (Not a...
  11. fahad ashraf

    Unmaintained Member Activity 1.1.1

    Member Activity: This addon provide feature of a user to monitor other user's activity base upon user's group permission Feature: It contains 4 block that is Block of member who have visited your site in last x days Block of member who have posted your site in last x days Block of member on...
  12. R

    XF 1.5 Error on User Upgrade Renewal

    I've been getting this "Error: Exception: Please enter a value for the required field 'username'." for the past 2 days when an activate subscription is renewed. It seems to also give them 1 year added to their subscription instead of 1 month even though the upgrade is for 1 month. Any ideas what...
  13. G

    MG 1.1 Download uploaded images

    I need to download images that have been uploaded to my forum, organised in folders by user group. Is there any way to do this in a simple way?
  14. maxicep

    Duplicate Modify the usergroup permissions to all usergroups at once

    Hello We are changing the usergroup permissions by editing the every usergroup now. But, that is very hardly if you have many different usergroup and if you change just for one option in permissions. For example; if i want to change the "Delete post by self" option for all usergroups, i must...
  15. leslie dow

    Add-on Permissions comparison tool?

    Has anyone seen a tool that compares permissions between usergroups? What I have been doing is tracking this in a spreadsheet but that gets out of sync occasionally and is manual. A tool that would list each user group and the permission differences between them would be very helpful in...
  16. electrogypsy

    XF 1.5 number of days to look for active members when tagging users

    hi, i'm trying to see if there's a way to limit how far back xenforo searches for active users when someone tags another user in a thread. or alternatively, a way to make xf search only a particular user group? i tried searching the forums here but couldn't find a specific answer. could someone...
  17. XFA

    [XFA] Usergroup Block 2.2.1

    Description This add-on allows you to add a new block in your forum sidebar where the list of your usergroups will be displayed along with the number of members belonging to each of them. Thanks to a set of options, you can select wether the displayed number of members in the groups is based on...
  18. Stuart Wright

    XF 1.4 Usergroup promotions problem - maybe trophy count issue?

    Hello, we have usergroup promotions which are determined by a few factors, but in this particular issue, we have a member who has 136 trophy points MrSossidge has posted 2,799 messages...
  19. S

    XF 1.4 There is to remove such a query to all users from the user group?

    Is there such a query?
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