Add Usergroup to User After Viewing a Page?


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Is it possible in the PAGE NODE function (using the callback function) to add a usergroup to a user after that user has viewed a page node? Is there is a simple code? Or is this more complicated to do?

I'm looking to add a usergroup to users based on upon their viewing of a page. (Not a thread.)

For example:

ForumUser visits Terms Page.
Forum User now is a part of the "Read Terms" Usergroup.

Any direction (or resources/mods) would be appreciated! I did not find anything in my initial searches, both here and Google.



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Or how about, after a user downloads a resource, it changes their usergroup?
Or after a user downloads an attachment, it changes their usergroup?

I'm at a loss at how to do this using the various built in options (user promotions, notices, upgrades) etc.


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It's not something you can do using the default options and functions - it would require custom development.
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You can add a custom user filed checkbox (e.g. I have read there terms) and then at the bottom of the terms and conditions node have a link to their profile where they tick they have read the terms. Then have a user promotion that relies on that custom field.

This is not automatic like you want ,but has the advantage of them actually saying they've read (and agreed to) the terms.



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@MJD you can extend userModel->
addUserGroupChange($userId, $key, $addGroups) function to your specific page
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