[XFA] Usergroup Block

[XFA] Usergroup Block 2.2.1

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Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.4
  2. 1.5
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This add-on allows you to add a new block in your forum sidebar where the list of your usergroups will be displayed along with the number of members belonging to each of them.

Thanks to a set of options, you can select wether the displayed number of members in the groups is based on Primary usergroup or Secondary usergroup or both, as well as hide specific usergroups from being displayed.


  • Usergroup permission
    • view usergroup block
    • View Member list (New IN 2.1.0)
  • Options
    • Enable Sidebar Block (New IN 2.1.0)
    • Specific usergroup exclusion
    • Display Order (New IN 2.1.0)
    • Display member list (New IN 2.1.0)
    • Enable counter (New IN 2.1.0)
    • Number of members counting method configuration (based on Primary, Secondary or Both)
  • Member list for each usergroup with filter for (New IN 2.1.0)
    • Primary group
    • Secondary group
  • Widget Framework (New IN 2.1.0)
Install/Uninstall instructions
The readme is available HERE.
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    Options : Enable Sidebar Block Exclude groups => You can select groups via checkbox Display...

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This is a great add-on it should user group markup and allows viewing of members per group , even supports widget frame work and dev is world class!!
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