1. RichDevman

    XF 2.2 How do I lower the sidebar?

    Hi there, I want to lower the sidebar down so it is level with the forum. Thanks
  2. BassMan

    [cXF] Thread Information Blocks 1.2.0

    Description: Add different thread information blocks to the thread view's sidebar. These blocks give you a brief overview of some important information about the thread starter and the thread itself. This can be useful if you are using it in a private support node. I use this add-on at...
  3. N

    Move Sidebar Left

    Nicolas FR submitted a new resource: Move Sidebar Left - Move the native XF sidebar to the left of the forum layout Read more about this resource...
  4. Ozzy47

    Unmaintained Move Sidebar Left 2023-04-19

    A simple add-on that allows you to display the sidebar which is natively on the right to the left side of the forum layout. An option to enable/disable sidebar moving is available in Style Properties: ACP >> Appearance >> Style Properties >> Page Setup >> Sidebar The option is unchecked by...
  5. spirogg

    XF 2.2 How to add and remove certain advertisements on certain areas

    Is widgets the best way to add advertisement ads to certain nodes and pages and certain areas of a page? Let’s say I have advertisement on all pages (right top sidebar.) - But on a few of those nodes and pages I do not want the side bar to show. I want all other ads to show, like top ads...
  6. H

    XF 2.1 Sidebar widget (new_posts) randomly displays wrong users

    Hi everyone, since some weeks I notice a problem with my forum sidebar widgets for new_threads and new_posts. I'm running XF 2.1.9. on a big forum with more than 80.000 users. Sometimes (and I mean sometimes a day - with about 1000 posts a day) the username of the poster of a new thread or new...
  7. Scandal

    Beta Thread Prefixes Widget Cloud 1.0.0

    A new xF2 widget for your board! Display the thread prefixes that exists of your board, on a widget block. Each prefix text will have a font size from small to bigger, based on its usage on your forum threads. Prefixes are clickable and sends you to a new page with all threads of your board...
  8. BassMan

    [cXF] Sidebar for Media 1.2.1

    Description: Move sidebar next to the media item or media album. Hide media sidebar blocks with permissions. Features: optionally move sidebar next to media item (look at the screenshot below) optionally move sidebar next to album view (look at the screenshot below) option to enable the Copy...
  9. BassMan

    [cXF] Sidebar block title icons

    Would you like to have icons in the sidebar block titles like this? Here's a simple DIY tutorial on how to achieve this. Below you'll find the code for most common sidebar blocks. Open your extra.less template and add this code: [data-widget-section="staffMembers"]...
  10. N

    XF 2.1 Sidebar on forum pages and within threads

    Hi, how can I add sidebars to the forum pages and within threads in XF2.1? Right now I have sidebars almost only on the forum home page. Cheers, Nico
  11. XDinc

    Unmaintained [XTR] Collapsible Sections 1.0.0

    Warnings Compatible XF versions is 2.1+ This addon won't support 3rd party styles. Options Continuing Collapsible Sidebar (Going on)
  12. Dan619

    Unmaintained Add a Donate block on the Sidebar

    Hi everyone, This is my first attempt at a side block and I love how it turned out! This is the result: How to do it: Go to your admin panel : Appearance > Widgets > add a Widget. Widget definition : HTML Widget key : Donate_by_Dan Title : Donate! Forums list : Forum list: Sidebar...
  13. BassMan

    [cXF] Sticky Sidebar 1.9.4

    Description: Stick sidebar on scrolling on almost any page by your choice. Features: option to enable sticky sidebar on almost any page separately: Forum list Forum View Thread view What's new Notable members Help pages Account view Conversation view Page view XFMG Media index XFMG Category...
  14. M

    Gallery statistics widget: Add 'Your statistics' block toggle

    Please consider adding a true/false option Enable 'Your statistics' block in the XFMG Gallery statistics widget to toggle if the XFMG "Your statistics" block should be shown beneath. This could function the same way as Enable 'Staff online' block does for the XF2.0 Members online widget...
  15. BassMan

    [cXF] Sidebar Widget Positions 1.3.0

    Widget positions you get with this add-on: What's new posts: Sidebar What's new media: Sidebar What's new media comments: Sidebar What's new resources: Sidebar What's new profile posts: Sidebar What's new news feed: Sidebar What's new latest activity: Sidebar Forum list: SideNav Forum view...
  16. AgonCrafter

    XF 1.5 Banner of primary group

    Hello everyone! Is it possible to display the banner of the primary user group under the usertitle in the "sidebar_online_staff"? Generaly: How can i call the banner of the primary user group? Big thanks in advance!
  17. Cupara

    XF 2.0 Sidebar Position

    Is it possible to have the sidebar on the opposite side? Right now with my add-on, the sidebar is on the right but I would prefer it on the left.
  18. hqarrse

    RM 2.0 Sidebar on Right?

    I'd like to move the sidebar of the Resources Manager, What's New and Media to the right hand side but unfortunately this challenge has defeated my limited knowledge of CSS! Any assistance would be gratefully received.
  19. R

    XF 2.0 Always visible Thread sidebar widget styling?

    Is it possible to apply a style or something to make a thread sidebar widget always-visible? As it is, on a long thread the sidebar is only visible when you scroll to the very top. When you click an unread post and are taken to the bottom of the thread, you won't see the sidebar widget unless...
  20. Amin Sabet

    Duplicate Cannot change "Share this page" widget order in Thread view: sidebar

    I like to have "Share this page" at the top of the sidebar and am able to do so on my forum view: However, I can't seem to do it in thread view: I was thinking that the following area is the place to put the order, but I am unable to type a number in that field, and the +/- buttons don't...
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