XF 2.2 How to add and remove certain advertisements on certain areas


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Is widgets the best way to add advertisement ads to certain nodes and pages and certain areas of a page?

Let’s say I have advertisement on all pages (right top sidebar.)

- But on a few of those nodes and pages
I do not want the side bar to show. I want all other ads to show, like top ads and bottom ads - just not the side bar ads.

how could I accomplish this without touching the templatesafter upgrades to xf ( meaning not making edits in templates so I don’t have to worry when upgrading )

because the way I see XF working, if you add the page to the do not show ads on these pages. It kills all ads ( if I’m correct)

I want to be able to place an ad on certain categories - nodes - pages
In certain spots ( top bottom side bars etc. )

And remove just certain ads from certain areas while the other ads will still show

am I Missing something ?

thank Spiro


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As I responded in the other thread, the ad templates are typically used to display ads.
This is primarily because there is already a mechanism built in to prevent ads showing on certain pages.

However, there are no hard and fast rules - you can use ad templates, widgets, or edit the templates directly.
Ads can be restricted from specific pages using conditional templates, mimicking the behaviour of the build in ad system.


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Ads can be restricted from specific pages using conditional templates
When you say conditional templates. Is there an actual area where these templates are ? And when I upgrade to new XF upgrades will I have to redo the templates ? Or will there be any issues upgrading.
Can you give me an example how to remove certain ads from a certain node or category or page.