XF 2.2 Usergroup Configuration


We recently moved to XF and we're now in the process of configuring the usergroups. As confusing as it sounds in the beginning we now somehow understand that XF's default groups (Registered, Moderating, Administrative) act as 'roles' and we should never treat them as standalone group. We have 2 admin groups so that means we need to create 2 more groups like Admin1 and Admin2 groups with varying node and ACP permissions .

So if we want to add a user to Admin1 with administrative and moderating permissions his usergroups will be as follows:
Primary: Registered
Secondary: Admin1, Administrative, Moderating

Is this how we should do it? Or should we exclude adding Moderating as secondary group if we set our Administrative group to include exact YES permissions from the moderating group anyway?


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If the administrator is not also a moderator then they don't need to be in the Moderating user group.

You don't have to use the default Administrative user group - you can ignore it and use your own.

Or you could use it as the base group for all admins with common permissions for both other admin groups, including moderating permissions, and use the other groups to add the elevated permissions.

Or you could just set the permissions directly at the user level.