1. willl

    Lack of interest Accessibility Enhancements: Favorite Nodes on Forum List

    Forums with large numbers of nodes (and sub-nodes) create a navigational challenge for keyboard & blind users. While XenForo provides a watched nodes page, an optional node & category list that shows watched nodes and sorts by activity pairs well with my suggestion for the skip nav item...
  2. willl

    Lack of interest Accessibility Enhancements: Style properties for focus-states

    While XenForo does a nice job on focus states, providing dedicated controls for them beyond search & basic inputs would be ideal. In some customization cases additional CSS must be added to ensure focus states for links and buttons are visible (such as monochromatic designs), and most users...
  3. willl

    Lack of interest Accessibility Enhancements: Skip Navigation & Other Elements

    I'm working on ways to enhance accessibility for XenForo, and have a few items I'd like to suggest become part of XenForo core. Skip Navigation Skip navigation is an exceptionally critical element for any sites with larger navigations; XenForo's trigger-to-expand sub-nav items is fantastic, but...
  4. Sim

    Moderator menu should not be at the bottom of the page

    On XF 2.0 the moderator menu is way down the BOTTOM of the page. On a high resolution monitor - this is a really bad place for it, especially when the assumption is that the content being moderated is likely fairly new and thus at the TOP of the page. It would be even worse if you use a high...
  5. Sim

    As designed Where is the moderator menu?

    Playing with my dev install of XF 2.0 and couldn't find the moderator menu after selecting a post or media item! Turns out it is way down the BOTTOM of the page. On a high resolution monitor - this is a really bad place for it, especially when the assumption is that the content being moderated...
  6. Chromaniac

    Lack of interest Keep focus in editor after post is made from quick reply box

    At least on Chrome, the focus moves to the post button (even when keyboard shortcut is used to post the content) and I have to click shift-tab to get the focus back to the reply box. On my 1.x install, the focus stays in the editor which allows me to continue posting in the thread if required...
  7. Puntocom

    Lack of interest Username link inconsistency between XenForo and Resource Manager

    Hello. I found an inconsistency. When clicking the username in the forum the user info overlay appears, but when clicking the username at the right in the resource page it redirects to all resources by the user. I miss a link to directly open a conversation from the resource page. By the way...
  8. Daniel Hood

    Lack of interest Admin Panel "Created By" AutoComplete

    In the template: "helper_thread_search_criteria" changing <xen:textboxunit label="{xen:phrase created_by}:" name="criteria[username]" value="{$criteria.username}" /> to <xen:textboxunit label="{xen:phrase created_by}:" name="criteria[username]" inputclass="AutoComplete AcSingle"...
  9. TNCclubman

    Duplicate [this ones good] Little 'you' icon in I posted in this thread links to your last post.

    Instead of your membercard. Only you see it anyways, make it useful to us and let us quickjump to our last post.
  10. X

    Make changing the profile page easier for the user

    Hi, I love Xen. However, I also see some UI concepts, where I think, why not go all out modern like with the overlays and ajax too? Not so much to overload, but where it makes sense. Kier will probably slap me for this thread and I bet he probably knows or will want to do this kind of stuff...
  11. Shelley

    Lack of interest Outdated Templates (revert option)

    Just a thought whether it would be beneficial to include a revert icon/ revert function on the outdated templates page. Preferably to the far right? See screenshot which explains it better than I can. :D
  12. erich37

    Lack of interest change "Sign-Up Now!" to forward to Register-page

    I would suggest to change the big orange Sign-Up-button being forwarded to the Register-page ? This would be much better as the current implementation, as both "Log-in" and Sign Up Today" do the same thing.
  13. Floren

    Recent activity: live feed

    I think having a live feed for Recent Activity will be a very good improvement. Imagine this: You watch the page and the new activity is popping up at the top of your list, automatically refreshed with jQuery.
  14. The Sandman

    Lack of interest Warning on navigation away from Preview.

    Every so often, I'll compose a post or PC, preview it, and then navigate away from it - thinking I've posted it. How about a pop up warning when somone tries to navigate away from a preview?
  15. F

    [Suggestion] Page Save (and Save/Reload)

    Currently updating the HTML for a page you get pushed back to the node list, which is annoying when you have 500 nodes in a list and constantly have to search/find it. Having an additional button on the page node to not just save, but save/reload so you can continue editing while you're testing...
  16. The Sandman

    Lack of interest [Suggestion] One more PC issue

    It's extremely annoying when you spend time composing a PC to someone, only to find that they don't accept them from people not on their list (and you're not on their list). It's true that in such a case, the Member Card and Profile Page "Start a Conversation" links don't appear, so there is a...
  17. Trevor

    Lack of interest Likes need pagination

    When a user likes someone's content, and clicks on "other who have liked" the same thing as you, you will see an endless list. This puts some strain on the clients browser. The solution is to paginate this. For example: Needs to be paginated to...
  18. Princeton

    Lack of interest [Suggestion] Move Editor Under Post Upon Clicking Reply

    Why not move the editor below the post upon clicking Reply? It will make it easier for everyone - no scrolling up/down. It will give Like-ers the option to leave a quick reply.
  19. dutchbb

    [Suggestion] Countdown to show user how much time to wait between posting new posts/threads

    It would be useful if a countdown is shown to let the user know how many seconds he has to wait before he is able to post again (like on the IMDb forums). Instead of trying to post and get the warning popup. ATM in most forum software it's guessing when the waiting time is over, a live counter...
  20. Luke F

    [Suggestion] Better functionality when clicking your Mini-Me

    As it stands, clicking a Mini-Me opens your own member card, which is completely pointless. I recently found myself looking at a thread and wanting to see my post in it, and one of the things I tried was clicking the Mini-Me. It would be great if doing that actually took you to your first post...
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