Lack of interest Accessibility Enhancements: Skip Navigation & Other Elements

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I'm working on ways to enhance accessibility for XenForo, and have a few items I'd like to suggest become part of XenForo core.

Skip Navigation​

Skip navigation is an exceptionally critical element for any sites with larger navigations; XenForo's trigger-to-expand sub-nav items is fantastic, but there is still a lot of excess keyboard & blind users have to skip through in order to get to important content.

Additionally, implementing it as a reusable component provides further usefulness for the following contexts:

Skip on threads to skip to most recent unread post, skip to last post. The unread part is essentially already there (without the nav item), but it should be considered for navigation's sake if the visitor has moved around on the page a bit to skim before replying. As well, skip to last post is great as a way to catch up on a thread without any additional replies.

Skip back to top of discussion list at end of unread posts, as well as skip sticky threads. The usefulness for skipping back to top of discussion list is exceptional in this regard: It allows for initial skimming before hopping back up to start interacting with threads. Skip sticky threads is just like skipping navigation; For forums with a lot of sticky threads, it can be a headache to regularly have to skim through them to get to relevant content.
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